Tonight is MUSEfest in Hackney London. Not the old Hackney but the noo schmoo, the one of Hackney Picture House and bicycle stands, and beards and low-slung brown skinny trousers and a Premier Inn at Dalston Junction, land of lattes and wraps, closing down pancake shops, and toilets transformed into pop-in pop-ups.

Zeb Achonu has a Facebook page all about mothers making music. She as a musician and a young mother puts it out there that motherhood cannot squash your music creativity and it’s great for like minded music makers to join together and keep music and spirits alive.  It need energy just to get that off the ground between the carting to and from nursery, teaching language skills to own toddler, buying Tampax and Pampers, and getting to work on time.

Whilst in Paris she plunged into balconies and music by producing with Léopold Naessens “Balcony TV”. Hannah Judson was also on that same balcony. Since June, Zeb and Hannah have Skyped together and  set up gloriously MUSEfest , an evening showcasing women who make moves in music and who inspire others to create notes. The line-up is impressive, Mr Geldorf, and the tickets are as cheap as chips at £7.

It’s evenings of damp and mulled wine lit up by shop displays of Christmas glitter. It’s Hackney with its Empire, Town Hall, Tesco and sparse free parking. It’s The Attic on top of the rather stunning Hackney Picture House next to queues of buses on main street Mare Street.

From Up Your Street and HIGH STREET SENIORS who,  as well as The Bhaji in Docklands,  are feeding the musicians come best wishes for our daughters and granddaughters, for success for those women relentlessly producing music which deserves a place in the very man-dominated sphere of composing, conducting and techno-creating.

If it takes a charity event to get earnest and creative women recognised as musicians who have more to offer than music-videos selling mush hyped up with bouncing bottoms and air-brushed lips, then so be it.   Zeb and Hannah have that energy as work-loaded mothers to bring about a change in the music industry.

Light up tomorrow with today!

Let’s Go . UYS HSS BHM


High Street Seniors ready to
venture out again


Thurs Oct

meet Round Chapel, Lower Clapton.


at     4pm


ending at the Hackney Museum 5pm to meet the artist, Pierre
Vannoni ‘The history and mapping of African cultures in Hackney’ 5-7.30pm and
have your say too. Refreshments



Thurs Dec


meet 4.00pm


at      Chats Palace, Brooksby’s Walk .Homerton


ending at the Hackney Museum 6pm to join an event with Patrick
Vernon. Documentary about the slave trade in East Africa. 6-7.30pm.



Essential to wear Hi-Viz vests as we move into
darker nights. If you are joining us for the first time, I’ll have one for you
courtesy of Clancy Docwra who generously donated Hi-Viz vests to High Street Seniors.

High Street Seniors today part 2

What a fabulous evening. We High Street Seniors looked like we meant business in our yellow Hi -Viz jackets , carrying red rucksacks and walking with intention through the streets of Walthamstow Village at orange streaked sunset in jolly good company. Most of the seniors had not been to Walthamstow Village before so we stopped as dusk came down to check out the Ancient House, Vestry House Museum, St Mary’s Church, The Welcome Centre, the Almshouses, on and on. Total white people’s history to our multi ethnic High Street Seniors. (Well it is Black History Month). We all enjoyed looking and learning, then went around to Orford Road to qawp at Beautiful Interiors and The Asian Centre before a little sit-down in Beulah Road. Years ago I found out that my cousin owned the butcher shop in Beulah Road. I went along to see her and lo and behold she’d moved away the day before. The day before. That was when the village was nothing. Nothing to show off about, well before Asian centres and beautiful interiors. Aah and I see the music and theatre house is sold. High Street Seniors passed the warm lights of the pubs and Spar and went to Orford Social Club.  I love the entrance and I love the wooden shutters on the window insides. There we listened to Louise’s talk about The Matchwomen’s Strike. Absolutely worth the walk and the visit.

High Street Seniors today

Listing of events on a special issue for today’s walkers.

Showing activities needing pre-booking


Fri 14th Oct        free      Ridley Rd market Hackney .Meet the
leaders. Laura and Victoria from Different Drum Productions of an oral
project entitled
“A Taste Of Hackney” for seniors with stories of Ridley Rd Market.

Sat Oct 15th       free  as above

Mon Oct 17th  £2    tea dance 1.30-4.30pm Stratford Old Town Hall

                               Narrow boat trip but £15 excellent trip to Little Venice from Angel basin with The Stuart Low Trust.  Islington.

Tues Oct 18th  free noon at The Lawns, Matthias Rd. Hackney Confirm your interest in the “A Taste Of Hackney” project.

Wed Oct  19th  free  6.30-7.30pm. Reading group at Hackney Central Library “Room” by Emma Donoghue


“Hornbeam Centre”


Oct 23rd

8-11pm Women in Jazz at Open The Gate Stoke Newington

Oct 26th

Ceramics with Maria at 1a Darnley Rd Hackney.

                                           5 week course in clay work including printing
and glazing

                               . Highly
recommended by Up Your Street former participants. 6-8pm

                         5 weeks beginning 26th Oct.
£25 phone 02089853570 Ceramics course with Maria at The Centre For Better Health Hackney ,1 a Darnley Rd

free 10.30-11.30
am. Reading group with

cake and coffee at Hackney Central Library
“Money” by Martin Amis.

Mon  Nov 21st
Ceramics with Maria as above.

@Centre for Better Health. 5 week course
£10 for 5weeks .Excellent.


High Street Seniors welcomes Autumn evenings

High Street Seniors

                    Walking at Dusk  . Wear your hi-viz vest.
Collect off me if you want one,

courtesy of Clancy Docwra who donated the jackets to us..

                    Meet     The Lamb’s Cafe, Lea  Bridge Road (Whipps
Cross end. 56, 230, W15, 257 buses)    

                    Time     6.15pm
                    Date     Tuesday Oct 11th
                    Relax    7.15pm at  Orford Road Social
Club  in Walthamstow Village
                                for 7.30pm book launch. “Striking A Light”
by Louise Raw.
                    Cost      £1.50 concession entrance fee to book
                    After the event there is a  W12 bus going by or a 10
minute walk back into Lea Bridge Road
                    with its flock of buses and bright lights will see you
home safely.
                    Always good to carry a mobile phone with you. Emergency
numbers 999, 101 are free
                    and you don’t even need credit on your phone.
Remember you’re in jolly good company and there’s safety in numbers.
Licensed bar at venue. Possible cuppa too. The event in Orford Road is run
by the Waltham Forest Radical History Workshop.