Issue 19

                              Up Your Street issue 19

Sat 18th May free Grazebrook Primary School, Lordship Road, London, N16 0QP. Giving 11-12 noon and Give or Take 12-3pm  

Hosted by Forest Recycling Project www.frponline

Sun 19th May free 2-5pm

WHEN:  19/05/2013 14:00–17:00
WHAT:  Walk
WHERE:  Biggs Square Central Court Yard, Felstead Street, London, E9 5DT

Hackney Wick and Fish Island Walk

Places are limited and RSVP is needed.


Mon 20th May   free noon -2pm Lea Bridge Library. 4Diversity: Together As One presents Up Your Street in the community room. All welcome. At 1pm Mary Fahey shows the merits of meditation. Book your place with .This is an Adult Learners’ Week 2013  Event.

Tues 21st May    £15 Islington event. Narrow Boat Trip. Stuart Low Trust.Phone Stuart Low Trust

Wed 22nd May  free 1.30- 4.30pm Hampstead Walk with Mr Meeme Luks.  Meeting at Highbury Corner outside Highbury & Islington Station at 1.30pm, then overland train to Hampstead Heath Station and walk through Vale of Health and on to Hampstead Village.  For more info contact Meeme on 07954 360 084. This is an Islington event promoted by the Stuart Low Trust. All welcome. Take a packed lunch.

Over 80s at Lea Bridge Library

Well a lovely crowd  of seniors came to the Lea Bridge Library social with Up Your Street, an event managed by 4Diversity: Together As One. good life

We had the Mauritian ladies from Sara’s tea club which meets every Thursday at the  Noor Ul Islamic Trust E10, Hackney tea-dancers, some people from a local church and a local synagogue, octogenarians, a young 59 year old, and a director from Age UK.  Couldn’t have been better. Free raffle, free tea and biscuits, and jolly good company and then along came our first ever guest, Mr David Boote of Waltham Forest Walks.

The topic was ‘Local History’ kicked off by people volunteering their own descriptions of where they live and what’s to know. Actually it was the “United Dairies” painted and faded block capitals on the opposite wall from where we sat which sparked off the talk.from lea bridge libray

It was great to hear stories of characters and buildings just up the street. Of course much of the history doesn’t belong to all the group members we welcomed today and believe me, we’re working on that. Cllr.Patrick Vernon OBE initiated a programme called “Routes” which gives everyone a sense of where they came from and where they are in their community now, who left a mark and who is leaving an heritage to celebrate. Brilliant workshops if ever you get a chance.  At today’s meeting three of the people had actually attended Patrick’s workshops in Hackney.

David Boote holds a wealth of information in his head and shares it in his booklets. Try to go on one of his Waltham Forest walks. Free and healthy.

The community room is nice and big, clean and airy and newly carpeted. People liked it today. The raffle prizes were “Silver Screen” dvds, perfume, necklaces, notelets, candles and such like.

Lea bridge library staircaseLibrary staircase.

Ebony responded to my “Wanted” post on and brought up brand new mugs for the seniors. Biscuits too. Sorted!

World Book Night Giver

Did my stint yesterday dodging the pelting stones and dragging my trolley of “The Road” paperbacks down into deepest council estate Walthamstow. Did you see the rain?

Do you know the number of so-called vulnerable seniors I met with laptops and Kindles? Stil a free book’s a free book by any other name.

The books went in a flash. Punters don’t quite get the deal that you read and pass on, like a chain letter and  email: Then someone in Australia ends up with the book you’ve leafed through. More like they end up at the Honesty Book Shelf at The Mill E17 in Coppermill Lane!

Read “The Road” at the Brunchers Book reading group, Sutton House Hackney. Ace read. Up there with “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” Enjoying “Ulysses” now in cyberspace with the Brick Lane Book Group, Quentin Woolf’s baby.

After the great giveaway there was nowhere to go because it was ice banging on the roof so I hung out with the octogenerians who were waiting for Dial A Ride. Wait they must!. Anyway, widowed Vera was sharing her recipes with me, telling me about her 6 month holidays in Cyprus and how all her relations pop off with the dreaded C.  Me, I could listen all day. Little does Vera know that she is about to star in a reminiscence project served by 4Diversity: Together as One.