issue 3 Up Your Street

Mon June 11th free  4-11.30pm.  Rich Mix, Bethnal Green. Taste of Poland art, food, culture.

Wed  June 13th  £2.50 4pm. Stratford east Picturehouse. film “Dorian Gray”

Thurs June 14th  free    6-8.30 pm Chandos Centre E15. Network and fun with Newham Council community engagement team.

free    7pm  Chats Community Palace launch of photo music exhibition. Brooksby’s Walk e5

Sat June 16th  free 9.30-5pm Ridley Road Market. “A Taste Of Hackney” project

by a Different Drum Productions which involved many

subscribers to Up Your Street shows off its wares and App.

free 10.30-3.30pm Book with Cheryl Bown at Hackney Museum, How to be aware of conserving your artifacts.

                            free   2-4pm Homerton Library .Gypsy music and Come Dancing experience!

free   7.30pm News From Nowhere Club @Epicentre E11 “The Poetry of Poverty” (bring a dish to share).

The Northern Lights

In this the 21st Century, I lived in my grandfather’s homeland, Westray,  in Orkney.  One November I  opened my back door and watched The Merry Dancers aka The Northern Lights”. Was it November because it’s January now and there’s a great deal of fuss and beautiful photos about The Northern Lights oop North in mainland Britain?  When I say fuss, I mean AOL news and Radio 3. Twas brillig. Aah the wind.

One July our polytunnel (the first on the island and built using old building bags .. tell me about recycling!) just got clean blown away and landed in another field. We weren’t expecting that, not in July. Local farmers retrieved it for us. In Iceland they’ll have said the Little People did it.

That polytunnel served us well with lush vegetables and the rearing of  an exotic long shape, as seen by many of the older islanders and pronounced by them as  “Cumber”. In the shop I’d be asked, “And how do you cook a marrow?” Diet of tatties, kale and mutton, see. Nowt wrong with that but the way the healthy eating hood patronise the urban masses would make you believe every farmer’s wife cooks a variety of green vegetables every day and munches on citrus fruits segmented into portions of course. Back to reality  in urbanland, the cost of grub in Tesco soon put paid to all o’ that pseudo-science.  Habits die hard especially where money’s involved. Remember that tin of beans in the larder, that tin you could rely on when every other thing was eaten before pay day, when your stomach needed food whether it were laden with GMs , processed glunk, colouring ?  Luxury now; priced out of our commoner laps.

So many assumptions about cultures.  So many prescriptions from others. So many stereotypes still (and unfortunately evermore in the project- funders’ grips. Who are these people?).  The Healthy Food site in Hackney via Hackney Age UK is totally Caribbean and African in essence and promotion. We’ve explored cassava, yam, maize, pumpkin. Waiting for potatoes and cabbage. It will never happen. Never ever. Not a way to build multi-culturalism especially when up to this day fish ‘n’ chips are upheld in the urban myth as the daily food of white indigenes and dismissed, and together,  by inference and facial expressions too, a whole culture. Good the woman who pronounced at “A Taste Of Hackney” that not all West Indians come from the same island. Let us celebrate the differences and learn something unstereotypical from the mix. Good the West African woman who said that actually “White English” food was missing from the props (?) list . Brave the woman who said the printed highlighted recipes only included African, Caribbean and one Jewish plate. Which communities are valued? Who feels devalued? We are building a weaker link.

Many times I couldn’t open the back door of my renovated 200 year old ‘hoos’ because the Westray winds are fierce. The fishermen, for there were no women, were able to tell the population of 473 to batten down their hatches when they knew which type of wind was coming. Magnificent nature. Bit different if you have to work in it.

“A Taste Of Hackney” suffered a setback yesterday (“just the one, dear?)…  Duh! If you work with children in a school you need to be police-checked.

Other fish to fry…..

High Street Seniors today

Listing of events on a special issue for today’s walkers.

Showing activities needing pre-booking


Fri 14th Oct        free      Ridley Rd market Hackney .Meet the
leaders. Laura and Victoria from Different Drum Productions of an oral
project entitled
“A Taste Of Hackney” for seniors with stories of Ridley Rd Market.

Sat Oct 15th       free  as above

Mon Oct 17th  £2    tea dance 1.30-4.30pm Stratford Old Town Hall

                               Narrow boat trip but £15 excellent trip to Little Venice from Angel basin with The Stuart Low Trust.  Islington.

Tues Oct 18th  free noon at The Lawns, Matthias Rd. Hackney Confirm your interest in the “A Taste Of Hackney” project.

Wed Oct  19th  free  6.30-7.30pm. Reading group at Hackney Central Library “Room” by Emma Donoghue


“Hornbeam Centre”


Oct 23rd

8-11pm Women in Jazz at Open The Gate Stoke Newington

Oct 26th

Ceramics with Maria at 1a Darnley Rd Hackney.

                                           5 week course in clay work including printing
and glazing

                               . Highly
recommended by Up Your Street former participants. 6-8pm

                         5 weeks beginning 26th Oct.
£25 phone 02089853570 Ceramics course with Maria at The Centre For Better Health Hackney ,1 a Darnley Rd

free 10.30-11.30
am. Reading group with

cake and coffee at Hackney Central Library
“Money” by Martin Amis.

Mon  Nov 21st
Ceramics with Maria as above.

@Centre for Better Health. 5 week course
£10 for 5weeks .Excellent.