Mary down The Rabbit Hole

Mary Katherine of  East London Radio was at the Rabbit Hole today in Maryland Stratford E15 checking out the venue, meeting the owner and seeing RAGWORKS up for see and sale.

                                                                                    rnwabbit hol 

And then she went next door to meet the staff at Afrobeat  94.0 Radio aka Voice of Africa and to investigate whether there were a niche for her behind the controls on the Myriad board, in the live studio in that great space. What a great chat she had with the manager, the assistants and the reception staff. New management has taken over the radio station which has been around since 2000 and was based in Plaistow. Maryland is the place to be what with coffee outlets, grocers and the Maryland Station all rising in flower decorated  roads next to the railway lines and the curiously-named Mamby Grove.

The sun was hot

.mary in her element


Mary quizzed the manager about Afrobeat’s current mission. The station is for everyone. She, the other presenters and the management team speak the same language. Community Radio exists to engage with and utilise the skills of local people. Mary is highly trained and experienced having been with Streetlife Radio once known as StreetlifeFM for seven years.015A StreetlifeFM guest, from back in the day, sups from their success.

Today’s station’s guests, musicians off to rehearse for the Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday, came out of their own DJ led interview and introduced themselves to Mary. That gesture added to the already warm welcome at Afrobeat.




Alice In Maryland

The Rabbit Hole is in up and coming Maryland on the approach to Stratford east proper. There you will be welcomed very well, see new-borns with their mummies and papas, enjoy hot food and snacks and check out designer trews.

August 23rd Gayna will be showing her wares in order to sell them,  her hand-made wooden teddy buggies.gee's tots toys

RAGWORKS has been  given generously at The Rabbit Hole wall space on which Anansi and Humpty Dumpty  can sit with their mates.neech in RAGWORKS 2012

Here’s Neech, the singing bird.

                                                                       Image (22)

Next door at number 17 is Afrobeat 94.0 fm, a new radio station and Mary Katherine from Streetlife Radio is about to check it out and maybe bring over her magazine programme.good life

It’s all go!