Argall Industrial Estate

It’s ten days now since I’ve waited and rung the environmental lot in Waltham Forest four times for a single now single soaking wet mattress to be removed from my front yard. The last I was told by the office supervisor was that she would send an email, send an email! ( Garlic bread?) to escalate the job. That meant there was a note allegedly and not in pencil saying that the job should be done within 24 hours. Oh do me a favour! Should? The word “would” is juggling for position.

That’s why Waltham Forest is a mattress borough. It isn’t a mattress borough  entirely because there’s a transient society here: There’s actually an huge stagnant society doing the right thing.

On the corner of my road is a built corner protector, a piece of ‘street furniture’ (I know!) which is used daily as a prop for people’s bags of rubbish, broken umbrellas, old cots and mattresses, strewn and ripped clothes previously left out for AgeUK collectors and whoever trades in rags. One day the council truck came a-collecting and I asked why fly-tippers were being excused and money spent sending out trucks and men to gather and dispose of people’s domestic rubbish. Answer “Oh, it’s the foreigners, see. They don’t know about how to dispose of rubbish.”  Well, not on my and their back yards then! By that logic only white British-born, you know the new ethnic minority, know how to get rid of rubbish.

Behind what was the Burwell Residential Estate off Lea Bridge Road on the border of Waltham Forest and Hackney is the disgusting mess that is Argall Industrial Village. Its name changes like the weather but I like “industrial village” because it is so not that.

                 There are Argall Estate patrol cars checking out that all is well on the land, so I was told. The single decker bus W19 actually travels into it but ignores its own timetable so that’s not much use to residents. The place is nasty. Litter swirls around in any whiff of wind. Abandoned stinking mattresses provide hiding places for feral cats and the Black Path is known as Rats’ Alley by locals who know too well the stench of yeast and bread from Kingsmill. Hoo Hing Supermarket is a neon-lit beacon for those who lose their way or who fear being accosted by underage vagabonds. Only the mini-industry workers aka Eastern Europeans and nervous dog-walkers walk the walk.
          In 1986 Argall Industrial Village was dire and on the brink of going under. It went under and post Olympics it is doubly dire. Like Hackney Wick it provides recyclable buildings for weekend churches where the white-robed congregations are not fussed about what they step in. Unlike in Hackney Wick, where established artists mix oils with Forman fish whiffs, other creative types safe in E17’s Tokarska  Gallery and The Mill would only evaporate    remotely in Argall.         
          I’ve yet to see what’s good about it. I try.
“Where there’s muck, there’s brass”, I mutter.
             My lovely neighbour over the back fence who is long dead told me how in the thirties on a Thursday morning you could hear each door shut on the Burwell Estate as each housewife in her scarf and carrying her shopping basket or wheeling her wicker trolley made her way across the factories ( now the Argall Industrial  Estate) and through the rat-ridden pathway (now The Black Path) up into St James’ Park and onto Coppermill Lane for the market day. Love that story.  Her brother’s still at the back of me. He served in the army up in the Orkneys during WW2. Great geezer.

ArgallBid and TFL and Lea Bridge Road e10

Attended the tfl, transport routes  and your business information workshop  today  all tied into London 2012 at Jaylow Supplies, Argall Estate Links E10 on the old Leyton industrial village site (c.1985). The bus W19 passes it now so all handy dandy. In Summer that bus will be chocca with campers but hopefully it will ride along to Asda at Temple Mills.

What did I learn from the meeting today? That we should stock up on our supplies of tins and toilet paper now and buy from Can and Koza and all those marvellous Turkish Kurdish shops along Lea  Bridge Road. Let me tell you now, Lea Bridge Road is gonna be a nightmare of a route come Olympics and Paralympics what with Spitalfields lorries trundling down the very same road away from their territory near the Games site. Small businesses will be squashed and unable to get in supplies unless they are pro-active now which is too late. Alarmed?  Should be. I went a s a nosy neighbour and heard myself and others turn from positive into cynical as TFL did not have the answers. Possible too that the government will halt mobile phone airways. Hey! hey! Now we all do everything on our phones that is incredible . There will be hefty refunds to customers surely.

So glad I went and so interested to hear how employers have planned way back when for their workers and businesses. Good to see Jaylow Supplies hosting and glad I signed up to go via Eventbrite                                                              .Worker standing next to vegetable refuse in Argall Estate. Interesting, methinks. Those were plastic carts full of calf potatoes and discarded peeled spuds, carrot heads and tails and something of the green ilk. Soup time!

nice lines 1950s building off Staffa road,

Now it is freezing out there so do I really want to go to a Moslem Women’s tea club to go back in time, to hear the slide of crochet needles, to see what I can see? With mi shoes off? Do I really want to champion the reaching out to those who only peep from their hijabs and never taste my world? Aah, the one -way world of multi-cultural communities where tolerance is threadbare but nicely shrouded.

up your street issue 30

 Sat 6th Aug £5 @discount. 2pm Guided tour of Elephant and Castle. Book with Divercity Deals

 Sun 7th Aug £5 @discount 2pm Guided tour of St Paul’s area. Book with Divercity Deals.

free 11-4pm making jewellery using old magazines and wrapping paper. Valentine’s Mansion, Emerson Rd Ilford.

 £3 entry 3pm then free guided tour of Sutton House, Homerton High Street, Hackney.

 Tues 9th Aug ( thru to 13th Aug.) £4 8-10pm Performance by public participants at The Yard Theatre, White Post Lane right next to Hackney Wick Station. All about freedom of speech via social networking.

 Fri 12th Aug £4 4pm Boleyn Cinema East Ham “Aarakshan” set around 1948 and the partition of India and Pakistan.

 free 6.30 pm Julie Rayne entertains at St Mary’s Community Centre, Upper Street N1 arranged by The Stuart Low Trust .

Sat 13th Aug free turn up. 11-12.30pm Hornsey Library “Nitter natter” vintage knitting and 1950 memories.

free to enter the big day 10-4pm “ Help for Heroes”. A pamper day at North Romford Community Centre, Collier Row, Romford. Phone 01708769044 for details and to book a massage etc. Prices from £5 for 15 minutes. Loads of other stuff too which is free.

 Sun 14th Aug free 10-12noon. Guided walk “Epping Forest and Wintry Wood” Meet Epping Tube Station.

 Thurs 18th Aug free12-4pm in Argall Estate . Leyton E10 . Hosted by Argall Bid. Conference re eco-industries. All welcome.


Argall BID Network & Eco Efficiency Event

This will be at Argall Solutions (formerly Alito’s – Alito House, Leyton Link Estate,Argall Avenue, E10 7FD ) on Thursday 18th August between 12– 4pm.It will be a chance to get information about the BID’s activities, learn about the current eco-project and enjoy networking with other businesses on the estate. Further enquiries:

Fri 26th Aug free 11-5pm Goan Community Association. “Festival For Over 50s”. massage, displays, stalls. Keston Rd just up by Phillip Lane gate to Downhills Park, Tottenham.(230 bus route)