Shaping our awareness

was at the first of a series of FREE workshiops in Waltham Forest, you know the Borough whose council is allegedly hardly preparing for London 2012 (not just me who says that!) all about environment, Permaculture and sustainability for Waltham Forest businesses delivered by Islingtonians. It was just wonderful. Spot on in terms of pace, information, participant interaction, and group loveliness. We were all full up on the delicious dinner served before the proceedings. What a welcome! Waltham Forest always comes up top when it comes to receiving guests so we hold out positively for the Games.

Once you’ve accepted the science of Climate Change then you can be practical in the work place. Lots of talk about transport costs, energy bills, Waltham Forest’s car borrowing schemes, disposal of recycled materials and the rest and what does go into a cup of tea. it was ace. We were mostly the converted but always uplifting to come together for the common good. was sometimes reminiscent of the measures the public had to adopt during the 1970s oil crisis. Hey ho!  Hold onto your seat belts. A rough ride ahead.

Next workshop’s in mid-March . All welcome. I’ll list it in Up Your Steet5 issue 10. It’s in a fabulous venue. Today we were guests of Argall Bid in the Argyll Industrial Estate altho’ I will check on that name as over the years the dump by any other name has had so many unconvincing titles. That area is where not even High Street Seniors would want to stroll at night. What is does have is the pong of Kingsmill Bread being manufactured; I mean baked. 

Off to the Stratford Theatre Royal  TRSE to see “The Graft” AGAIN because I can! I am after all an Open Stage 2012 volunteer. The play finishes its highly successful run in 2 days time. Get there!