Art in Bow

Some subscribers to Up Your Street aka teachers’ assistants and community leaders, enrolled onto a teachers’ development session at Bowarts by Bow Church

Artist                               Nathanphoto credit to ArtStack

Nathan Eastwood

“Nathan Eastwood lives in Newham and has a studio in Bethnal Green. He graduated from Byam Shaw School of Fine Art in 2009, and has gone on to exhibit in a range of shows including the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition (2013), Contemporary British Painting at The Crypt, St Marylebone (2013); and Towards a New Socio-Painting, a Transition Gallery touring show this year.

Drawing inspiration from the Kitchen Sink Painters of the 1950s, Eastwood’s paintings describe small moments in everyday life in meticulous detail, from cleaning the bathroom to mulling thoughts over a cup of tea. Layering humbrol enamel paint on board and a grey palate, Nathan builds up layers of paint to create images which are both photorealistic, yet riddled with imperfections of trapped dust and hair and loose brushwork.”(BowArts website)

….work,/ recreation/. Freedom  photographs all in black and white

Everyone enjoyed the workshop.Here’s a review by Sue.”Very interesting and interactive group
1. Asked to choose a photograph on display, and describe the feeling or emotion
when looking at it (individual )
2. Did a chart of white, pale black, medium black and dark black.. Using lead
pencils and charcoal
3.worked in group of 3….2 held a card frame in front of a picture and the
other had to draw what he/ she could see through the frame. Every one had a turn
to draw.
4. Talk about the light when taking picture etc.

After the chart , we had to copy one of the chosen pictures . I did a caricature of a black man  with a cigarette in his right hand , a small distance from his lips… I saw it as a shot at recreation. I noticed the way he dressed and how he enjoyed his fag.”