Walkabout in the dark

                              Well, that was just fine. The day had been hot and sunny so the evening for our High Street Seniors walk was ace; dark blue skies and a warm breeze. None of us in our small group had ever walked around the back of Leyton Station so it was great to go together and see at dusk through the railings of the cemetery of St Patricks. Up past Cathall Leisure Centre and the Epicentre and  not forgetting the new Waltham Forest construction trades training building (“Where it all happens”) we quickened our pace with the exhilaration of it all and got to the Thatched House. What a dump now!

Some of us wore our luminous yellow jackets to be seen in the dark. Much of our time was in roads where buses never go and the myth is that the back roads  in Leyton and Leytonstone are pretty rough. We felt good together. There was Langthorne  Park and the hospital to pass, kebab shops and the fabulous looking Plough and Harrow down Leytonstone High Road. We passed the Sahara Grill with its odoriferous seared lamb and rice.

Worn out by 10,30pm as most of us had been to Songololo textiles in Dalston. All go for seniors!