Hackney on a freezing afternoon

032There’s a great art exhibition on at present at the Centre for Better Health. Hear me, put a chair or two out for spectators to sit and soak in what they are looking at. You can’t whizz through art which needs some translation in the ole brain. There’s a load of technology being used in the structures made with obvious passion by five students, Lea, Karoline, Claire, Tony and Carolyn in their final year at the University of East London, Docklands. 2012-11-30 14.18.57

I took a trip out to UEL when it was hotter weather having mooched around the Stratford site for ten minutes to get a feel of the place for some potential students. UEL Docklands is beautiful and 2 minutes from the DLR station, not even that.


City Airport’s over the road and stinks of flight fuel. The reception and security staff were kind and customer aware. Just like the reception staff at BSix in Clapton Hackney. Take note Rich Mix staff.

So the art at the Centre for Better Health is just great………………2012-11-30 14.17.46Back in the day when I was asked at my interview at Hornsey Art College what I intended to do after graduation, it was very clear that careers education  and advice had not been implemented in grammar schools and I gave a feeble answer, The governor shouted at me “We want people to design, design phones and other practical things”. Yep he got his wish. Smart eh?

Hackney Museum has a fabulous exhibition about Jamaica and Independence.

2012-11-30 14.45.57It is very well presented and absorbing. The exhibition even goes on on the floor by means of a great big spongy mat showing a map of the West Indian islands. Great. Lots of history is clearly documented on a timeline and all is relevant to Hackney onlookers. It is very popular with local schools. Well done Hackney Museum.

The Hornbeam Café’s staff had to call in support as the place was buzzing. There was a smell of freshly chopped vegetables and home-made soup, local women chatting about charity and vintage shops in the area, a young couple discussing meet-ups over a laptop, a cyclist in from the cold, a father with his little boy, Organiclea workers in and out for their tea breaks and there was I up on a ladder hanging RAGWORKS characters in the form of The Pied Piper with furry rats and Simon’s jolly Pie-man with a leg-caressing kitty-cat.

IMAG000927More RAGWORKS goes upstairs for the enjoyment of working groups and children in creches.

A very busy day of culture.

Up Your Street issue 2

Moving towards The Legacy

Thurs Aug 2nd free       Green Gym Day at Downhills Park N15    10.30-2.30pm Help clear the pond and wear suitable clothing. Meet by the Cafe.

Sat  Aug 4th  free  2pm (repeats Tues at 11 am)meet Vestry House Museum for a guided walk around the Village of Walthamstow. (Walthamstow Historical Society) No need to book.

Thurs Aug 9th     free   until 1st Sept. Hackney PictureHouse . Photographic exhibition celebrating Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of independence.

 £2.50        1pm “42nd Street” Hackney PictureHouse (reminiscence screenings) Free tea and biscuits too.

Sat Aug 11th free  12-3pm Forest Recycling Project at Priory Court Community Centre  E17 (W11 bus) Give or take time.

 Wed Aug  15th  free    6-8pm film  “Waterland” based on a novel by Graham Swift. No need to book. Hackney Central Library. Generously hosted by Lydia of the Reading Lane Book Group which starts up again in September.


Royal Opera House until 12 Aug free 10-6.15 daily. Olympic celebration, history and a chance to have your photo taken with an Olympic Torch for free.  No need to book.