Have vagina, must knit

As I was rolling my chapattis and remembering my neighbour at a healthy eating workshop measuring her women’s worth in “I can make twenty chapattis in one hour!” I reflected on yesterday evening’s free shindig at the V&A. I’d signed up through Eventbrite a group of we women from 4Diversity: Together As One to attend a Craft Club UK workshop in how to pass on skills.Obviously the venue was a major magnet and my plan was to introduce people to the joys of networking and to get a start on the ladder to managing community groups which is the wont of 4D TAO. Now the word diversity will give away the make up of my crew. Diversity was hardly apparent in either age or colour of the attendees or the promotional slides and printed material.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” as the fat lady says in Gavin and Stacey: There was an assumption that all women can knit. Oh! oh! oh! Pretty insulting. We listened to the talk about how to knit scarves and decorate street furniture. I avoided signing up to anything . We put out our hands to receive yarn and needles to knit a finger-sheep. In the spirit of the evening I was able to pass on skills to Mrs Africa who’d never heard of the need to knit as she worked gathering and foraging for school fees  in a former life.

4D’s plan was to take the skills of skill- sharing into a local 55 + seniors club. The joke is in the image of we showing octagenarians who had to knit because they were born with vaginae and they in our faces, sucking eggs.

The V&A was packed with Friday late night viewing patrons. There are free turn- up and drop- in tours on Fridays too. What a building!

Coming home we wondered as we climbed the thigh- aching staircase at Leyton underground station how that little place will cope during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Especially after people had that very day been on the bridge at Westfield E20 and felt it sway. Ooer Mrs!

This afternoon is “Party On the Pitch” a great Waltham Forest family jamboree starring Alexandra Burke, hot dogs with Halal meat ( we hope), and The Saturdays.  Waltham Forest Council woke up to their 2012 London borough status last November. All the roads on the route to Stratford are getting make-overs. Traffic still abysmal.

Now to sew somethings for gentlemen to the background of clipped consonants on BBC Radio 3. Like a bit o culture, me. The inserts on Radio 3 include a breathy earnest actress-style voice promoting celebrations of that bard sexualising  “My own Shakespeare”. Enough to put you off.