Crisps, controlled demolitions, and Snoddy.

You wanna be community engaged? Go to an evening with “East End In Flux”. Tonight’s session was in University Square Stratford at the Birkbeck University. We watched archive films about the 1941 planning of London’s rebuild, saw Snoddy moving out of his dying house into a new flat, gasped at the controlled demolition of a London tower block in an effort to revive a teetering community, and recognized the impending doom related to the coming of the DLR and the Olympics to the east end of London around 2007. It was excellent. We nattered and chatted in groups and Jan of Spitalfields gave us real- life from the horse’s mouth experiences of living in notorious “Heseltine Hutches”. Supermarkets were described as hubs rather than the poo- hoo-ed evil High Street bashers as for instance Morrisons in Stratford gives out more than bread. There’s parking, a café, a library next door with its new community hub and what’s that we chorused? Why something to put in place of the missing books.

Refreshments were laid on and all was good. The films with youth working with Fundamental Architecture Inclusion were thought-provoking and musically sound. Loved them.

At 10pm I booked to go and see June Whitfield in Dalston with Age UK then online booked in a group of Up Your Street participants to enjoy “show and tell” at Tate Britain on August 1st. All jolly.

By 11pm someone had posted on my Facebook a secret video of a barbaric brute of a ‘teacher’ beating toddlers in a Palestinian school with the caption that this is an everyday occurrence. Backward. Let me repeat…………….Backward.