Event June 16th and hours of fun

June 16th is Bloomsday, an annual global celebration of James Joyce’s “Ulysses”. Never told you that at school, did they?

Lucy Harrison, artist i/c Mapping Your Manor is about to start more walkabouts. David Boote of Walthamstow Walks is out and about regularly too. High Street Seniors don’t want any more drenchings for a while. They’re the seniors sporting yellow and red Clancy Docwra hi-viz vests.

Gonna take the W12 to The MillE17 today to submit “SOFT” works for a major exhibition. That’s after Somerfield in Narrow Way E5 to spend my Co-op coupons. Every little helps.

New song for interactive grans and families:-

Where is Mummy?

Mummy’s gone to Iceland

Papa’s gone to Tesco

Baby’s gone to  Sainsbury’s

Where are you? (points to family member).


Grandma’s gone to Poundshop

Mummy’s gone to Budgen

Baby’s gone to Waitrose

Where are you?


Papa’s gone to the Co-op

Grandma’s gone to Koza

Baby’s gone to Primark

Where are you?


Hours of fun

twas a whirlwind!

Very disgusted to see how the Wapping Memorial Park by Hermitage Community Moorings is probably going to be fenced off at nights. Whatever next eh? High Street Seniors went there earlier this year on one of their jaunts. We saw no litter, no graffiti.We were arranging to go back with a picnic.

Today the engineering firm, Clancy Group, gave High Street Seniors HiViz jackets as they need them when walking at dusk.  There was a photoshoot too and a lovely welcome at Clancy Docwra site down Lea Bridge Road,E10. I got to see in the gorgeous house which is offices. Lovely, There’s a never-ending swirling staircase and a colourful ceiling. I shall go back with a camera or I’ll ask IanVisits. The grounds are  looking bad outside with poisoned sick massive rose bushes and litter galore. What to do eh? By the back door is the River Lea quietly slapping against the canal sides. I know river, canal, Lee, Lea. That river does not excite me. It’s static and lifeless.

After the photoshoot we all thirteen of us went to The WaterWorks Cafe just two bus stops along. Mmm! Hot chocolate. £1.80 Paninis £3

Wellness Games is on the horizon. Just go to your GLL leisure centre and offer your sporty limbs. Cycling, swimming, darts, dominoes, table tennis, badminton. Yippee! A day out in Brixton.

I live in a borough which is very multicultural:  Looking for the Eid party. Eid Mubarek!

No action for adults at The Mill today in Coppermill Lane E17. No matter; loads of stuff there at the weekend. The children made a rhino. I saw peach moulds constructed into hide and lots of paint  and presumed the absent  kiddies were celebrating Eid Ul Fitr.