Sew and see

Ooer. Second time in two months I have bravely gone where no woman goes in representing we community artists.  I had already fought for an increased rent amount for a painting I loaned to a rich public body over fifteen months ago. House prices rose,  life got harder so rents increased.  Won my case. And paved the way for other practising artists who likely buy their paints from their zero contract hours less than national wage monies.  Not too sure about that one as the ones I come across are all right Jack.

This time around was all about giving credit where credit’s due. How could a major community player backed by a London we’re for the people council think they could ride on my back, advertise their wares by using my photograph of my art for their promotional stuff?
I had to consider carefully how to express my disgust because I can handle enemies but prefer to keep pretend friends. I discussed my sore with others and wrote a very polite email to the marketing manager at the community hub asking for my name as a credit as standard and that she reviews how community artists are credited in their hard copies and at social media sites. Ooer missus.
I shall sew while I wait.