Rude Man

Went to Agewell Computer Club after a journey decorated with police sirens, crazy ambulanci and prams packed onto platforms.Just nuts. So we 8 seniors sat at our workstations and waited for the film crew from Hatrick.  In came a weird- looking tall guy with Jimmy Saville hair and an air of someone in charge of the world. Completely swamped our teacher’s words and mispronounced our names, interrupted any question-asking from us and swore profusley. He kept speaking into the cameras. The crew was serious and the members just got on with their work. One of us was completely turned off so I kept my eye on him. Later he turned to show me his screen and he’d found the page about “Facejacker”! The secret was out but we students kept quiet allowing our teacher and weirdo to squabble over the meaning of life. It was a mad afternoon. At one point I believed I was in a parallel universe. Some would just say “Oh yeah? Hackney!” Glad I went. The film crew were shocked that we’d worked out the deal. After all they were sucked into the same ole same ole stereotype that we old uns could not fathom out computers. Scream and kick. Facejacker said we were a ‘befuddled lot’ unable to work out the computer. Well of course, an empire is built on the myth and now media firms are filming seniors touching keyboards and beckoning other cocooners to come in. And you know what?  I make money from it too!

Anyone seen Stuey off “Family Guy” who is desperate to live in tv playland (based on Telly Tubbies) and he finally gets there. He finds it’s all a sham. He cries. Hey, what’s that remind you of?


the world wide web

Very excited as have been invited to Agewell computer club at The Lawns, Matthias Rd in Stoke Newington. Hat Trick films (seen that name on telly!) are coming in to film seniors and computers. We are the new black. All wonderful and Age Concern gets some money.

Then launched is the new arts east 17 culcha mag for Walthamstow. Leyton wake up! We do have “Up Your Street” mais oui. The mag needs to know about http://www.balconytv/fr and that will happen.

And so much else too. Rag Roof dance company’s back in town for the next tea dance at Finsbury Town hall, Islington.  Ooh! November is looking gay.

Freezin’ but sunny out there.