seniors art school

10-12th Sept 2014  11-3.30pm. with Alex Julyan at Dilston Grove, Southwark Park. free for 60 + seniors.Book in advance

‘Born in 1962 Alex Julyan is an artist who lives and works in London. Her works are constructed from a wide rang of abandoned materials, as well as texts and fabricated elements. By applying a quiet, investigative wit to familiar objects, spaces and situations, she subverts their individual and universal properties and shifts the familiar references that define them.

Her collaborative projects are characterized by exchanges across art forms and include large-scale events which explore the territory between music, theatre and installation.
“The artwork I have made for Held in the Hand is part of a collection of  sculptures that take their reference point from machines and gadgets. I’m interested in our growing dependency on technology coupled with our increasing inability to understand its workings. The built-in redundancy of most technology provides me with an interesting set of questions, ideas and contradictions to play with. I own a number of old engineering manuals and enjoy looking at the complex drawings and photographs of various components and parts for larger machines. My sculptures are hybrids, made from looking at different images and combining them to make something new.” ‘