Olympic fan

Since Day 1 I have been a fan of The Olympics and Paralympics Games coming to east London, Stratford. I took tours around brown sites and watched waterways being dredged and cleaned. I have butted negative comments all along the way, have done my utmost to engage Seniors (OAPs) with something growing on their doorstep which sprouted Arts Council, Heritage Lottery etc etc funded free activities and events  by running Up Your Street with its High Street Seniors and The Pamper Shop under its parasol.

I have seen the dejection felt by locals as no free tickets fell into their laps, have battled with my principles about taking up the Gamesmaker post and kinda working freely for Cadbury, Coco Cola and Maccas, and been insulted and ignored tons of times. (“Don’t let the bastards grind you down”).

I was worried about transport to and from the Games and recently, security.

Hey the journey to here was long and packed. I am dying to blog about yesterday’s rehearsal and my personal experience of it  but respect the #keepthesurprise.

Welcome World to my doorstep!