Went to the KPMG art exhibition in partnership with Rosetta Arts in Stratford east courtesy of David Allies-Curtis, photographer.

KPMG is situated right in Canary Wharf and beautifully too. The exhibition of works by local artists attached to Rosetta Arts is not open to the general public at all : Security is tight. So I was privileged.

There were glossy brochures too á La Tate.

I knew about Rosetta Arts when they first opened and  I wanted to visit an exhibition then got lost in East Ham as opposed to West Ham. Not my usual habitats. Then there was an open evening all about Rosetta Arts at Stratford Picture House which was welcoming, informative and full of olives. Then Birkbeck was in cohorts with Rosetta for the beginnings of an excellent pre-degree course for people unused to formal education and the study of  art. Jealous I was. Recruiting is on for the next intake of that probably free Birkbeck access course which will be based in the new campus at Stratford east…. E15.

IMAG000536“Doris At the Swim” looks splendid in different lights. NFS.