Mick Hucknall

Mick Hucknall

Easy journey by tube as the Victoria Line had a good service as I went up to Hammersmith Apollo with a complimentary £50 ticket to watch the last show of Mick Hucknall’s “Soul” tour 2013.  The Apollo is shabby, shabby, scabby but I liked it. The punters were mostly middle-aged and older white folk with a fair smattering of thirty somethings. The bar was doing well.

Songstress Moya warmed us up with effort put into her singing but very little into her stage dress. I expected sequins. She missed an opportunity to work the stage. Maybe I’m too in love with “The Voice UK” that I forget singers don’t always dress like celebrities.

Young skinny Mick made his entrance and the crowd was ready and willing to have him. That man can sing. He took old soul tunes from New Orleans and gave them his flavour which we relished. He sang a tribute to Etta James by mastering that “Rather Go Blind” song and covered some Dylan too. The lighting was fantastic and of course the band was as tight as always.michael

I have always highly rated ole big head and that is because he is a proper artiste, a full-bodied craftsperson of the stage, able to involve his paying audience, interact sincerely and lovingly with them and he knows how to sing. He articulates all the words so the lyrics are never lost. That is important because Hucknall only chooses songs and writes those which use the vocabulary of his fans. There are many clichés which we all use and understand. Hucknall incorporates them all into his hackneyed poetry. “Money, money, money” is cleverly topical and I did feel there was an huge nod to the Tory-imposed austerity in our country at the present. Stupid as the seats were £50! But it kept us all united and illuminated in the surreal setting where lights were turned on us or jigged to represent a mirror to show us how our beauty is within us. Clever Michael.

SkyArts always shows Simply Red concerts and I always watch them again and again. I love Hucknall the perfectionist.

Up Your Street5 issue 27 and some Sky TV programmes.

Tues  July 19th.  free    2-4pm Bruce Castle Museum
                                “Reminiscence Café” led talk and participation
                            free  5.45pm but book with Hackney Society .
                               at the Hackney Museum. Film “Under The Cranes”
                                                              Michael Rosen attending too .
                        free  7.30pm Hackney Harmony  Summer Concert
                                    at Hackney City Farm (donations to Oxfam)
Wed  July 20th free  1.10-2pm Organ recital St John’s Church
                                                                        Stratford E15
                          free 7.45pm St John’s Church E11 Tony Regan
                                     dj and musician talks about HMV records.
Thurs July 21st £2     7pm for 7.15 Haringey Independent Cinema
                                     West Green Learning Centre, Tottenham
                                        Ken Loach’s“ Land and Freedom“
Sat      July 23rd free  1pm and all day at Stratford Circus
                         “Eastside Matsuri (Japanese Festival) sushi, flower,
                           and drumming workshops, and more.
Sun    July 24th free   (£5 donation) 11-6pm  gargoyle making (stone craft) at
                 Dalston Eastern Curve Garden but book via www.thekindest.org

                  Wear sturdy shoes.

Iceland is doing a good deal on Anchor Butter presently.
    No Ballroom dancing with Malcolm until July 25th.
       Songololo-feet textiles/recycling on Summer break.
Precious Lives jewellery and bead-making classes ended but I will give details soon of classes at The Centre For Better Health, Darnley Rd Hackney.

Programmes worth a look on Sky TV this coming week July 14th onwards 


Thomas Dolby on Vintage TV

“The Fugitive Kind” with Marlon Brando 1960  Tennessee Williams drama TCM

“Moby Dick”   2010 on Movies 24

Etta James  on Sky Arts2

Louisville Chorus on EWTN

The Triangle Factory True Movies 1

Imaginary Man  Ray Davies BBC 4

“Heaven and Hell”  True Movies 2

Gore Vidal’s Billy The Kid True Movies 2

Up Your Street5   an information-sharing service for seniors listing free events and activities in the 5 London 2012 boroughs.