Spare Rib

We’re approaching International Women’s Day  8th March 2013  aka disrespectfully in my opinion  “Women’s Day” and “Women’s Week” where topics and events in 2013 may very likely include massage, self-esteem, forced marriage, Zumba classes, re-inventing the wheel, and may well avoid Rape in India, Rape in Tottenham, size zero on the catwalks, media language, adverts, women as scientists, the blatant omission that older women were active in militant enlightenment, and feminism with a capital F.

spare rib

With one eye on “American Idol”  sponsored by Wonga with the ad featuring a latex septuagenarian becoming increasingly a Nicki Minaj lookalike,  I am reading with difficulty 33 year old copies of “Spare Rib” the Women’s Liberation magazine of back in the day. I am reading with difficulty because the paper quality is poor and the photographs are not digital of course; no sharpness. I say ‘reading’ when I mean flicking through.

What do I see?

Issue 91 Feb 1980               “Victorian Craftswomen”, “Girls Are Powerful” ,  Spare Tyre’s “Fat is a Feminist Issue”,  Poetry by Helen Dunmore.

Issue 143  June 1984        “Women Writing”.

Issue 163 Feb 1986          “Revolution in South Africa”.    “Cancer Exposure.”

Courses on offer               include Middlesex Poly’s  “Women’s Liberation” “Women’s Fitness and Self-Defence”  in Newham,  “Preparing For Power” Poly of Central London.

Listings  include “Women’s Cinema At The Rio” in Dalston.

Continuing I have Spare Rib Issues

160 featuring Angela Carter in interview.

156 Bhopal

148 Young Feminists

147 Women and The Miners’ Strike

138  Black Women’s Experiences of the NHS

136 Death, Racism, Body Hair

135 Special Black Women’s Issue featuring Alice Walker.

131 “Mixed Race-So What?”

130 “Palestinian Women”

128 Universal Women”

96  “Older Women Living Together”

95  (1980)”Oil Rigs Women In Revolt”

94      “Working With Girls”, “Irish Women and English Racism”.

They’ll be up on Ebay.

I’m waiting to see what Tower Hamlets comes up with for IWD 2013 because they always do and they prepare from 6 months in advance. Please honey-smiling Sappho, let it not be henna designing.