Keeping up with the art.

Went to the William Morris Gallery and was happy to see a face I know and respect, the poet and social activist Roger Huddle. Then I saw Fiona Bruce, the little doll. There she was coming up the stairs behind Roger. Obviously she was there for a photo shoot or trailer or film for “Antiques Road Show ” which occurs at Walthamstow Town Hall grounds tomorrow. Roger was there to make residents’ encounter with a high-up artist  go to plan and smoothly. Fiona Bruce is beautiful.





TwoHeadsAtOnce_542This one not my photo…

All other photos here are mine…

Yinkayinka 6yinka 5

Most of us in the queue of eight had no idea what Yinka Shonibare’s art in the community was all about but were obviously up for something on our own turf in the majesty of buildings. Good thing I dressed well today because we were there not for an audition but for a photo-shoot. After that and a Quality Street I went downstairs to meet the artist. I was humbled for I love Yinka’s work. There he was quietly poised in his wheelchair. There I was mouthy as ever and shaking his hand letting him know that I love his headless figures attired in Manchester printed of African-design dresses.  Turns out Yinka, MBE will reconstruct an old photo of the people associated with the Gallery in his own unique way using some of us hopefuls. Good luck everyone.

“Yeah but is it only white people he wants?”

“Don’t matter; he cuts off their head anyway.”

Peeped into the tea room. Saw  women with pink streaks in their hair and Earl Grey in their cups. In my head I raved about  the mauve Michaelmas Daisies out front, saw the W11 and ran.

Simon Cowell later.