Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage

Wednesday’s Tree Day
            Sheltering beneath the mottled shade
            We gathered  under the willow by the moat
            Squirrel came down to see
            Who stood on parade
            Inspecting the weeping tree
            On we went
            Underneath the speckled shelter of Oak
            Magnificent, tall, grandfather tree
            Heaven bound limbs
            Reaching upward towards the sun
            Thick arms curved to natural arcs
            Onward to London Plane
            Splendid in khaki camouflage bark
            Where we tried to evidence
            The age of this time witness
            So we measured circumference
            Did the sums and concluded
            This was indeed an ancient entity
            Then our attention turned
            To the toxic Yew
            All the while Miss Elegance
            Kept us in a trance
            With facts and figures that I never knew
            Down to Horse Chestnut
            Bringing back memories of conkers
            And days of  play
            That had faded long from memory
            Until today
            We saw the silver Birch
            Slim youth of growth
            And after we learned about the Lime
            It was time
            For socialising reflection and to partake
            In conversation
            With tea and succulent honeycombed cake
            Fitzroy Johnson  29/08/2013`