” My day? Cosmic”, as Rodders would say.

Tesco has a greetings card collection in store called Cards Up Your Street. Gillian pulls a face meaning “Yep. Should be good”. Actually I like the designs a lot and the prices are real. When Clinton’s went bust, where did all their cards go?I checked my Tesco notice board and went along umbrella-less to Hornbeam Café  E17 to check RAGWORKS was still hanging from the picture rails in a busy place. Wednesday is second-hand day so the back store room is open to the public. I espied lots of leafy vegetables belonging to the land, to Organiclea being boxed up for bicycle delivery.

In order to thank the cooperative owners of Hornbeam for allowing me display space for RAGWORKS I decided to brunch in the café.Jams for sale in the Hornbeam Café.

I had vegan sausages which are a bit like eating flip flops.    It was time for me to get the 97 bus to Stratford and then bus along through posh new Stratford to Bow.    From the bus I saw this monument to the Olympic Torch. What’s that then?                                         

Stratford is indeed looking smart and I hardly recognized Gala Bingo! Bow Church is the other landmark besides McDonalds to guide us to The Nunnery Gallery adjoining Bow Arts Centre, Bow Road. The place had been done up since last I went. Then it was  a dilapidated place where an International Women’s Day art event was occuring. I was insulted on that day: Poor surroundings on my special day. We deserved the best environment for one day surely

.The Nunnery, Bow in east London

Just by Bow Church, east London.

Madge Gill’s art work (the G in Gill is pronounced as in garden). What beauty! We had to be in a darkened dried room as the intricate and old art work is liable to crumble. Paul and Rosamond were our hosts, with Michael in the Carmelite Café, and Annabel was our trainee informant and assistant to Rosamond. What a welcome in the Nunnery.

The work intrigued me and there were reminders of William Morris and Frida Kahlo for me as well as Ghanaian and Nigerian wax cloth . Madge worked with ink on cardboard and the effect is rich and enticing, curious and perfect.

Cup of tea £1.20.

reclaiming the streets

Decided to do something about it…the fact that seniors tell me they won’t go out after 9pm even in the summer. The streets belong to all of us. Have decided to get seniors into the streets after dark. Working on something to happen on March 8th, International Women’s Day which will be open to women, men and carers. That’s also Shrove Tuesday…mmm, pancakes, mmm lemon.

So watch this space.

Tomorrow is ballroom dance lessons at The Round Chapel, Lower Clapton, Hackney. Very very good and fun too.  1 2 3, 1 2 3….. Plus there’s  a birthday to celebrate so we’ll go off to a new cafe by Morning Lane, Hackney,and eat cake.

Talking of International Women’s Day, and remembering it’s LGBT month right now  too, the film “Frida” will be shown on March 3rd at West Green Centre, Tottenham,N 15. by the Haringey Independent Cinema. £2. That’s the biog of Frida Kahlo. It was on culture telly a couple of years ago coinciding with the exhibition of her paintings in London somewhere. The exhibition was fabulous.