Germany something Nation

The Claremont Project in Islington for whom I write newsletter articles as Joe Public had ten….   ten!   tickets for the community viewing at the British Museum

for “Germany: Memories of a Nation”.


Up Your Street as Claremonteers went along. We all got in to the hallowed space to see German gold, Holbein art, Holocaust statistics, poster art and loads of religious stuff. It was good, not great, with a few surprises.

The Museum was busy as per. We refused to pay more than £2 for a cup of tea but scoffed our pineapple jam sandwiches and Polish cheese on Warburtons in the great café area by the Totem Poles or whatever we call them nowadays. One of our party wanted to go into the free digital workshop in the Samsung Room. It turned out to be for children only. She read every pamphlet on the information desk instead.