Nuffield Health Chingford E4

  1. Nuffield Health formerly the prestigious Greens in dry ole Chingford is ace. From the smiling recepton staff to the non-stop cleaners, to the beautiful layout to the complimentary gel in the showers the place gets a massive thumbs up for providing a memorable and good experience. This weekend was on offer a free day pass advertised as 2 days free pass. On reaching the centre it turned out that another offer was available to celebrate Mother’s Day. Never saw that advertised! It was for members to bring a friend along for a day.
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A tour was available and that included a look at the gym areas with one for women only, a peek into the studio where all manner of keep-fit takes place, and a birds’ eye view of the swimming pool decorated with hot tubs and a sauna and steam room on the side. The changing areas are communal with not very private cubicles and are gender-specific.. The sauna and steam room are both unisex and there is no baby pool. There is no need for a women only gym: Root out the men who make anyone feel uncomfortable. It is 2013 UK after all. In any gym there are the odd types who bully others off the machines. You pay, you play.2013-03-09 17.32.30

The cleaning staff never stop. All smudges are swiftly sprayed away. The reception staff are as cheery and as glad as Gamesmakers  and the personal trainers about the place have beady eyes everywhere.

The W16 and the 357 buses pass the front door. Whoopee!  And there is ample parking space and a Costas Café joined to the Nuffield Health Centre. The clients are in the main white English and Chingford and a majority of seniors abound. I heard only English spoken all day and conversations about tea time.

good life

The hot tub is heaven. The pool is all one shallow depth. The poolside attendants are professional and keen. “Better” has much to copy. Excellent meet and greet, Billy.