Dry desert

Glad to get home. I hate that walk from Stratford City Centre up to Marshgate or Pudding Mill Station (DLR); Not only is the main road as dry as a desert, full of concrete and overlaid with new traffic markings every time but the turning in past the Porsche showroom is deserted, dust-bowl dry and long. Sort it out someone. Unbearable.

Up at the View Tube Vintage Fair Paul gave me a lovely spot for RAGWORKS. Vintage sellers took over an hour to set out their olde worlde Grandma kitchen-ware and tat. The day was gorgeous. The café was packed all the time. A china mug  of Yorkshire tea costs £1.50, Posh cheese salad and couscous £7. I had my yesterday’s tea cakes. The service is wonderful. The cakes can make a grown woman swoon.

The View Tube is what it is and expanding what with sewing classes and cycle hire and craft fairs and coming soon “love the earth ” workshops.

decoulpage at view tubeDecoupage with Groundworks London. Flowering up a cardboard (obviously recycled) box.


The flowers are all out in full bloom but the place will look a bit different in November when there’s more “net them in”  events. Cyclists, cyclist watch crews, cops and folk with their babies in buggies are up on the gravel paths in abundance. It’s Sunday foot traffic; it’s Bank Holiday tourists.

view tube