French Film

Watched “Un Singe En Hiver” on Sky TV5Monde channel. Who ate all the mother cod? There are scenes of the fish market at Normandy Beach in the 60s. Wow! Massive fish, women in headscarves sorting and hauling, and then a woman cockling on the beach. I was in Westray in 2000 when families went down to the freezing windy beaches to get cockles either for their tea or to send “sooth”. Of course some guys got greedy and an upstanding pillar of the community, who was a whaler when he was young,  dredged the beach for cockles with a tractor,  and got some mild sentence for it.  My neighbour who was forever working to make ends meet in her tied cottage used to go down to the beach to dig up  cockles called “at the cockles” but there was more money in whelks. She’d wash them well too: Her markets always told her that her buckets were the cleanest.

 “Down at the spoots” is another rare thing on Orkney beaches. You have to walk backwards on the wet sands to get the razor fish (spoots)  as they popped up from hearing boot vibrations. Then you washed them well and boiled them to separate the flesh from the shells. After that,  you’d fry them in pure butter. Last year I was buying spoots from the fish stall by Hackney Central. The sellers have crabs and all sorts all year around. There’s a great, possibly Bangladeshi, frozen fish shop at Dalston Junction. All sorts of fish. Not forgetting the ‘choose your own swimming fish’  at Hoo Hing, Chinese wholesaler off Lea Bridge Rd,  Staffa Road. So yes, I really enjoyed the French film with great acting and many sets which I felt I’d lived in before!

Watched for the first time on ITV4 “The Sting”. Me, The Matrix and The Sting. Both films don’t allow you to go for a cup of tea unless you can pause and watch.