On the Subject of Older Persons

I do like a bit of Tate. On Sunday was Silver Soapbox at Tate Britain. I know, who knew? Barbara did and she shared her info. It was Silver Sunday. New on me that one…. and on all gathered there. There were the intern-types in their tee-shirts emblazoned with the words “Silver Sunday Celebrating Older People” and there we were the over 55s tee shirt less. Don’t want one.

A small group attended and debated the depiction of older people in portraits. It was an excellent debate. You know the middle classes like to exercise their jaws and the rising class have always got something to say! Amongst us we had art historians, recently graduated seniors having read art history at Birkbeck and Patricia Rochford to espouse her views on how older people should act in order to be seen.

I enjoyed being there. Through Soapbox I feel comfortable at  Tate Britain. I used to hate the journey there: Tate Modern is one bus ride away. All is good now. Soapbox artistWe from Up Your Street had our cheese rolls in the October sun and pushed on to Hackney Central for the Hackney Empire tea dance where Hackney Empire Elders would sing their songs to commemorate WW1. At the end of that craziness where tea was £1.50 a cup, two of our party were handed tickets to go and watch Lenny Henry in the show at 5pm.

No, wasn’t jealous. What’s that in my eye?

Up Your Street. Issue 33

Fri 26th Sept.free 11-12.30pm Coffee morning at Hackney Hospice (maybe part of McMillan Cancer coffee morning?)

Sun 28th Sept free 11.15-5pm with a break. Lloyd Park E17 gardening tips and workshops Understanding and Managing Soil. Waltham Forest residents only.

                             free 11 am and 2pm Valentine’s Mansion in Gants Hill. WW1 inspired Indian themed afternoon tea and discussion/reminiscing through family tales. Book at Eastside Community Heritage office@ech.org

                           free 11-4pm View Tube at Greenway. Vintage fair and sale. Stalls and food. (get to Pudding Mill Station).

Tues 30th Sept free Hackney Empire Elders having a day out to the Tower of London.

Wed 1st Oct       free   2-5pm Dalston Eastern Curve Garden and The Lawns Special workshop

“On Wednesday afternoon, 1 October, Agewell Social Network will move from our computer centre to the Eastern Curve Garden, Dalston Lane.
We are going to be part of the Hackney Circle garden party ‘food’ event. That means we will be talking about food, photographing food, perhaps cooking and eating it too.” No need to book.
 same day                    free  11-3pm      Older Peoples Day 2014
                                                                       Older Peoples Day celebrates later life and the contribution made by older people to society.            55 Ruscoe Road Canning Town E16 1JA


Sun 5th Oct free 12-4.30pm Hackney Empire

Come and join the Hackney Empire elders as they slip on their dancing shoes for an afternoon of quicksteps, foxtrots and plenty more. Whether you’re a certified waltzer or two-left-footed novice, we welcome you to come along and dance the day away!


Wed 8th Oct free 11-1pm Soapbox at Tate Britain . Book at 02078838888 for a session discussing what you want in a lovely venue. Tea and biscuits too.


Hackney Empire Elders

Hackney Empire Elders is alive and kicking and today’s meeting at St Joseph’s Hospice Hackney was just buzzing.

I had no idea I’d be going to a formal meeting : I thought I was going along for a start-up social group all about Hackney and its Empire.  I’d been contacting the Elders with no response forever. By chance an Up Your Street subscriber is the group’s secretary and another, the chair! Adam and Eve it?

Didn’t feel too comfortable at first because I was new and because they all talked of going to theatres and events where the average ticket could be a tenner. Up Your Street concentrates on free events around the perimeter of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park formally the six London 2012 Boroughs. That’s the difference.

It was a warm and jolly meeting and  of course I picked up lots of interesting information to pass on and how Leonie will read a poem for Black History Month (we still doin’ that?) at Hackney Museum, how a “Let’s see the poppies at the Tower of London” would pan out and then Bob spoke all about his personal journey through multi-cultural Hackney over fifty years. Empire? Hackney?

Special thanks to Kay and Maggie for my welcome.

PS. Credit to  Laurie for negotiating with the Hospice for the Elders to hold their meetings there for they have no home.

issue 31 Up Your Street


Tues 9th Sept free 9.30am. Supposed to book. Tech EE  Tea Party at EE shops all about the joy of tablets. Free cuppa.


                          free 11-2pm St Joseph’s Hospice Finding Space. Hackney Empire Elders invite newcomers to join in friendly afternoon meet-ups.

                          free 1-3pm Doodle time at St Joseph’s Hospice Finding Space.

Evening from 6.30pm at Brady Arts Centre Hanbury St  E1 for Benefit Gaza night.

Wed 10th Sept free Shiatsu taster sessions at The Centre for Better Health. Book at Eventbrite. The Centre for Better Health has some cheap and interesting courses. There is a strict code of conduct adhered to the courses on offer making it that all participants feel valued and get value for money. Very good too. For example besides being rude turning up thirty minutes late, it’s disruptive so you won’t get your seat. QED

free 1-4pm Happy Crafters at St Joseph’s Hospice Finding Space. No need to book.up_your_street_2[1] (2)

Thurs 11th Sept free 11-1pm Stratford Library 11am community chat with Rosetta Arts Centre. Join a project uncovering the forgotten history of the Harland & Wolff shipbuilders yard, active in the Royal Docks from the 1920s to the 1970s.They constructed the ill-fated Titanic.

 Contact office@ech.org.uk for more information . Eastside Community Heritage.

                                free 10-11.30am Canning Town Library (every second Thursday)Rosetta Arts Hub. Find out what the local creative community are doing in Newham and how to get involved!

                                   free 2pm The Mill E17  “Memory Catching” reminiscence sessions for seniors. You will be recorded!




Sun 14th Sept free  11am and 2pm tea at Valentine’s Mansion, Gants Hill .Book with Judith at office@ech.org.uk This is a reminiscence 90 minute session about WW1

Wed 17th Sept free  6-9pm Refreshments too. “East End In Flux” at Birkbeck Uni E15, What’s it all about this legacy in E20? Book at Eventbrite. One of the best meet-ups in the world.

Thurs 18th Sept £3 6.30pm 127 Stoke Newington High St n16.Monthly Knit Night

Join Maya for a social evening of knitting and fun. Bring your wool and needles, and let us knit together. All skill levels welcome! We’ll provide wine and snacks, and we’ll offer 10% off all yarns on the evening.
Been to “More Soft” textiles exhibition yet at The Mill E17? Free. Super.
Advance notice  16th October is Anti-slavery Day. There’ll be a massive free art exhibition illuminating slavery and human trafficking in Plaistow. More information at Twitter @Breaking The Chains