Up Your Street. Issue 7


Thurs 12th Feb  £3 1pm Hackney Picturehouse for Silver Screen members screening “La Cage Aux Folles” (English sub-titles). Become a member on the spot. No fee.

                              free 6-8pm Manor Park Library.Writing workshop with Courttia Newland. Book at  arts@newhamndp.co.uk

Sun 15th Feb    free 11-3pm Valentine’s Mansion at Gant’s Hill. Mind Body and Soul pampering event. All ages welcome.

Tues 17th Feb   £1.50  7-9pm (donation) The  Mill reading group “Brave New World”.

Wed 18th Feb    £3.00 11 am Empire Seniors in Walthamstow at the Scene E17 screening “The Imitation  Game” all about Turing, with tea too. The Feb 11th film is “Paddington”.

Thurs 19th Feb free 7pm Uni East London, Stratford Uni Square. “Uncovered Writers” Courttia Newland hosts an evening showcasing new writers. Book at Eventbrite. Great venue.


                             free  2-4pm The Mill. Stories and us with Sonali. Come retired ones and share stories and memories over a  free cuppa (6 week course leading to a play). Email to book at sonalidb@gmail.com

Sat 21st Feb      free  2-9pm Harmony Hall .Truro Rd E17 “Rooms of Our Own” inspirational event All welcome. Book at Eventbrite.

Sun 22nd Feb free 2.30pm  “Local walk starting  outside Costa coffee facing Asda at ‘Leyton Mills’ retail park (3 hours car parking), and 5 or 10 minutes later passing Leyton Central Line Station (buses 58, 69, 97, 158).  The route passes pubs and the sites of cinemas, recalling the time when entertainment was more outside the home than inside.  It will be a good way of showing you, or reminding you of, the area.  Firm level surfaces with only kerbs for baby buggies and wheelchairs to negotiate. Ending at Leytonstone Station by 4.30


Oh dear! O, Lor’

War Horse, the film at Hackney Picture House. Jan 9th special preview with questions and answers afterwards.

What was funny was my friend ordering a non-cheap small pizza from the restaurant/eaterie and my other mate on seeing it, giggling madly, saying, “Is that for a doll’s house?” Perfick “Emporer’s Clothes” moment. What do you expect? Hackney Picture House is sumptuous, innit, with plush reclining large seats but where are the Hackney/ Clapton/  people I know and like? Anyway, so after the first landscape-swooning scene of Spielberg’s epic, I switched off and from then on it was tedious torture. It was all so blue-eyed Bible-fearing peasant versus landowner predictable and as far-fetched as Jurassic Park could get. I know it’s not real; it’s a film. Sentimental slosh ready for Bafta and “How it was made” on the next Bank Holiday. Ugh! It was a bit of Waltons, that’s what it was.

I’ve watched the marvellous Sky programme about how the theatre production of War Horse was made. Still I never wanted to see the play, not even for ten quid.  (I used my free membership ticket at HPH.)  From how many war-films must I learn about WW1?

“Oh What A Lovely War was on telly again last week. Now that is not just a film; it’s pure art.

Yesterday afternoon I was at South Bank and wasn’t the sun glorious on the River! When my daughter has a son, she’s gonna call him Thames. How’s that? When she’s out of earshot, I’ll call him Passing Cloud and when his dad’s not in the room he’ll be known as Dragon. Did you know in France the authorities don’t allow children to be registered with non-standard names. Hear that, Geldorf?

So I was with a crowd of seniors for the first free screening of the season “A Moon Over  The Alley”at the BFI.  I loved it, thought it was genius. It reminded me of “Under Milk Wood” in its going in and out of people’s homes and into their gossip corners and worried, fag-end expressions. Some of the acting was poor, but most was extraordinarily good and I’m sure my child-actor brother was in it. How poor and grimy we all were in the 1970s with our paraffin heaters and mantelpieces, our one item of clothing and our non PC ways!

It was a musical drama and I forgot that as I wondered why the tramp woman broke out into an Oliver kinda song! What a white audience! I’m always shocked whern I see loads of white people together. At the Dickens exhibition last week I saw only  retired or on the brink retired white people.

Hot and cold sweat after “A Moon Over The Alley” for I could not find my Freedom Pass. (A Clegg dream). I’d given out all the 25 tickets to Up Your Streeters and in the same wallet I’d kept my treasured Pass.  The box-office staff had found it and kept it safe. Love ’em!

The cuts took away our free cuppa tea at BFI. We’ll survive.

Spirits rising

Yesterday I went off to Theatre Royal Stratford east to join in the Stratford East Singers. Jan i/c Theatre and Education at TRSE had arranged it since 8th October and before and there was plenty of interest in free singing in the theatre. Agewell Singers happens every Thursday lunch-time at Stratford Circus but restricts its participants to over those 50 years old or better. Here was a place and a time for those just wanting to open their mouths and sing. Shawab, TRSE assistant director, welcomed us and introduced us to Byron Gold our tutor  and the TRSE creative music director. Well, we had fun and scary bits too when we had to sing solo. Of  course, we weren’t forced to but we like to get in the spirit if it all. GREAT. There was a good mix of ages, ethnicities and boldness. Charlotte i/c Openstage2012 TRSE joined in with volunteers who’d also come via Up Your Street. We were great.

Went over to Downhills Park in Tottenham for half term adults’ brooch-making with buttons and bows, rags and pins, sewing and Nina. Was an eye-opener. What you can do with scrap eh?

Ended the day with a guest pass to Hackney Picturehouse. All the founder members have their names in light and then on the screens in colour and in B&W. Watched Clooney’s “Ides Of March”, a tale of a man’s integrity, falls from grace, values of life bla bla. A brave thing to do another drama about the American presidency campaigns and their shenanigans. Clooney damn handsome as ever.

I love the fact that we can munch and rustle bags like rats in the dark cos it’s the flicks and not the theatre. The founder members look nothing like what I thought Hackney people are i. e. mixed up racially and deliciously diverse. And I saw very few  people look like they aged more than 50 years.

I’m wondering who will come to show songs at TRSE tomorrow Wednesday because it finishes at 9.30pm. I’ll be there for sure. High Street Seniors exists to encourage seniors to be out in their neighbourhoods after dark. We walk on Thursday. See issue 42 of Up your Street.

Hackney Picture House

Getting quite excited about Hackney Picture House.  At a book club I heard people groan at its name. Oh What! They be the same who moan about The Olympics. Well the two things are here and let’s use them. My nearest flicks is Stratford which I love and then the Vue E20 will damage it, you see. Nice to have a choice and as I love Hackney I shall be at

Silver Screen before 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. £4 though!  Did Hackney people lose their ‘poor’ mantle? I suspect Stratford cinema charges will increase from £2.50 to £4 now.  At Stratford we get tea and biscuits before the screening but at Hackney  it’s afterwards. We’ll see about that. There’s still ole Rio though with its free monthly matinees with cake and tea. But their films are dragged screaming from the archives where they hide with the Lavender Hill Mob.  We ain’t all war babies. However there’s going to  be a Reminiscence club talking about and enjoying archive films and “old gems” (shiver) at Hackney PH once a month.

From Jan 2012 there will be workshops in film theory. See what that costs!

So that’s all good and on Tuesday coming I get to see a preview for free. I shall see how many Hackneyites turn up.

On November 8th at Hackney Empire the BBC is offering places  to a free concert and a laugh with Paul O’Grady. You apply to BBC  ticketing and wait to see if you’re lucky. That same evening the Hackney PH is putting on a satellite beamed screening with Mariella Frostrup and Tim Marlow talking about Leonardo da Vinci’s work at the National Gallery. Cheap as chips. £7 or £6 members. or there is a programme of beamed opera and ballet too at a speckle of the price of watching it all in the flesh.



Stratford Picture House east London Silver Screen

Packed on Wednesday. Seniors enjoyed 2 films for a fiver plus tea and coffee and bicuits galore. Absolutely lovely.  They watched “Rise of the Planet of The Apes” and swiftly moved into Screen 4 for the French film “Sarah’s Key”.

In a month’s time the Vue opens in E20 with 17 screens. (Bollywood, 3D, family films, children’s films , digital screens etc etc). Obviously we’ll all try for the opening offers to have a peak inside. Meanwhile Stratford Picture House will up its game with more arty farty and quirky films allegedly. There is a solid base of fans anyway at the Picture House and the Silver Screeners will be persistent loyal comers. Why wouldn’t they as the price is right? The staff are welcoming and jolly too. That alone makes a huge difference as to whom returns again and again.

Stratford Picture House, Stratford Circus and Theatre Royal Stratford east are a strong unit of shared purposes in the Theatre Square previously called The Cultural Quarter. Watch out for the Picture House and Theatre with promotional freebies at The Stratford Summer Festival on Saturday 20th August in Stratford Park, West Ham Rd E15. The park is gorgeous anyway so well worth a look in. And of course on Sundays at Coronation Gardens by Leyton Station is a free music bonanza at 2pm. That park was dire before but is upgraded  now to magnificence.

Become a founder member yet of Hackney Picture House? Your name on the screen? Tempt you? And your concessions membership card is valid at Stratford Picture House too.