Hackney @50 in Hackney Museum

50 HMuseum  Old paraffin heater

hackney at 50A well-laid out display

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Hackney@50 – the People’s Choice

Hackney@5012 February-29 August

50 objects, 50 stories, 50 years of Hackney.

50 local people, groups and schools have selected an object each from Hackney Museum’s collections to share what Hackney means to them. Each object tells a different story and is the start of a conversation with people who live, work and learn in the borough.

Another cold church hall.

A Taste Of Hackney resumed today with 50% of the participants coming through promotion by Up Your Street. The term is scheduled with activities towards making an app all about memories and experiences of Ridley Road Market, Dalston Hackney.

We moved out of Colvestone School after being introduced at last to the head teacher and into St Mark’s Church, St Mark’s Rise. The church is magnificent from the outside. Inside it was freezing and being painted.. Brr! Lots of wooden floors.

The project introduces how to construct a web-site i.e. using WordPress blog sites.

There is a free day of learning about WordPress at The Mill E17. See issue 3 of Up Your Street.

At A Taste Of Hackney,  it was raised by a couple of volunteers that the emphasis is always on the experiences of the West Indian and Jewish immigrants with a deliberate dismissal of  the experiences of the indigenous  white English population. The response was that that needed to change. And we were all reminded that the West Indian population is and was from different islands with different cooking ways and cultures. That is, it’s not all rice ‘n’ peas. To be fair, the project was advertised as one for ethnic minorities and that ‘s all to do with funding, don’t we know. To be brutal, the community (Hackney residents) hardly responded to the call to get involved. The sessions are held from 0915h  on cold frosty mornings and we don’t all live next door to the market.

Looking forward to sessions at the new Dalston Archives and to hearing the former Children’s Poet Laureate, Michael Rosen.

Went over to Tesco, Hackney after the cold church hall to buy my Ghanaian Palm Oil. £2.99 a litre with points.

Adult Learners’ Week opening day Hackney

Well, hey! if I’m in the middle of manufacturing intricate designs using henna and sparkle on my left arn and hand, there’s no way I’m gonna ditch that and be part of rent-a-crowd because the speaker of Hackney Council is downstairs speaking. That’s  her art…this Henna workshop had become mine.

There had really been no point in booking because we had a whole drop-in centre going on in the upstairs library. And call me old-fashioned but ‘adult learners’ means no kids. Get me?

In fact, just an hour before our scheduled end  time, we had to pack up as another same workshop (totally unscheduled) was going to happen. A queue was unquietly forming on the landing. That library is always like a bloomin’ market place and today! How do adults learn and concentrate in that place? The staff are noisy anyway.

 Here I was dripping gold  and blue sapphire gel, having spotted the photographer and having to get going.  The bus 48 passengers had me in that half hour of glorious sunshine as their living piece of art!

Issue 18. Up Your Street5

Thurs May 5th Smith’s Restaurant in Wapping has opened . 22 Wapping High Street. E1
Mon May 9th free 12.30 -2.30pm Round Chapel Lower Clapton Hackney.Ballroom lessons and fun for seniors.
free 5.30pm Wapping Station. High Street Seniors meet, walk then go to Raine’s Hall for 7pm
for Madge Darby’s book launch and signing.
Wed May 11th free and must be booked. all day. Digital Champions at Old Billingsgate building by London Bridge.
free 1.00-1.40pm St John’s CHurch, Stratford E15. free music recital. retiring collection.
free 7pm “Three Crowns” Stoke Newinton. John Arthur’s gig.
Thurs May 12th £2 per session 2-4pm 1a Darnley Rd Hackney Ceramics course. repeats in June.

Fri       May   13th      free  10-6pm  part of the Spring Online Campaign via Silver Surfers, The Lawns, Hackney
                   join in open days at the new  Piccadilly Community Centre  at 196a PIccadilly  next to St James’ Church.
 Sat     May 14th   . free  10-6pm Spring Online Campaign (as above)

Sat May 14th free but book . 12-3pm Hackney Central Library “Henna; designs and learning” Part of Adult Learners Week Hackney.
£7 (concession price) Global Village Dance “The Roaring ’40s”

197 East Ferry Road, Isle of Dogs , E14 3BA.
( just south of DLR Mudchute station )

Saturday 14th May 2011
7pm – 11pm
DJ : Gary Malden

Ballroom, Argentine Tango, Latin, Swing, Jive, Salsa, Line, Sequence, Disco and Party Music.

Free tea and coffee. Supper. Please bring a plate of food to share.


Dress up theme : ” 1940’s “.

Note that 14th May is the anniversary of the Home Guard ,butyou don’t have to look like Dad’s Army unless you want to. There are many stylish possibilities, or just come as you are anyway.

In Stratford, Have a look at how hard people are working at http://www.openstage2012.com

Mile End Waste (The)

To gather events and activities news for Up Your Street5 I go out there and find it.

When you go somewhere you see other stuff.  Today I was on cloud 9. I’d heard of ‘silent discos/raves’  happening in Goa  where tourists dance with their Ipods in their ears listening to whatever. Today I supported Deafplus the charity for non-hearing people by going along to their Tower Hamlets BIG 4Tea. Dead easy journey to Darling Way stop on the 254 bus. Tons of cake, tea, silence and good cheer. The venue is ace; The Trinity Centre, Key Close. I took my slice of home-made Victoria Sandwich out into the garden. The garden! I was on the doorsteps of Trinity Almshouses dating from 1800s. They were there on The Mile End Waste, a stretch of historic land used by soap-boxers including Booth of Salvation Army fame, back in those days. I walked through the heavenly place full of flowers and blossom and two sunning black cats, even went to the opposite gates and let myself out. Bit of “The Secret Garden”  going on in my brain. I’d rudely left my hostesses. I was awe-struck. Some students were passing by and told me I was in Mile End Road. Not very good at working aht East End like.Turned around to see what I’d left. Well a building of pure beauty. Just fine and dandy. No camera today so I soaked it up in my memory and checked web-sites. No photo captures its grandeur. Will check Fin Fahey’s internet Flickr photo stream.

Turned to my left and there was another massive and beautiful building with not a label on it. I asked a lorry driver who was parked in front of the massive green wooden gates of yore. He didn’t have a clue. Why should he? It is the Charrington Anchor Building from the 1700s. Well!   The National Maritime Museum has all the info and pics. These buildings are all on the Mile End Waste. What a name. I shall return. Found out about events happening in National Deaf Awareness week coming up in May. Being brought up properly by my Cockney dad I returned to the tea table and thanked the wonderful people for my tea. We all donated generously but definitely the cost of the cakes and tea cost more. Thank you Deafplus.

               254 back to Hackney to enrol for ceramic classes at the Centre For Better Health, 1a Darnley Rd. What a nice place and welcome. Luckily for me the art exhibition at Et Cetera Gallery down the stairs was ready to be viewed. I put down my water bottle on a small table. Sacre Bleu…that was part of an installation and very clever it is too. I was priveleged to meet the artist,  Alfie Sheppard.  Free art exhibitions must be nurtured and appreciated especially if they’re up your street. I loved most of the art work and found it full of energy and movement from Elle Sheppard and Caroline Carty

 The Gallery is nice and leads out to a courtyard where there’s garden furniture for the all-important wine- drinking and fags.

Day done as tired out. Well I did queue in a Post office for 20 minutes to post Royal Wedding memorabilia abroad! All fun. Then whatever happened I had to get a fresh cabbage. I’d watched “Family Guy” where Peter takes his dad to Ireland and memory lane: corned beef and boiled cabbage were featured. Mmmm.

Ianvisits is doing a survey of London’s City farms. Very interesting and honest. Today I had a letter from an octogenerian farmer’s wife on a remote island with all the worry of the lambs who won’t ‘sook’ from their mothers. City farms…..

Rude Man

Went to Agewell Computer Club after a journey decorated with police sirens, crazy ambulanci and prams packed onto platforms.Just nuts. So we 8 seniors sat at our workstations and waited for the film crew from Hatrick.  In came a weird- looking tall guy with Jimmy Saville hair and an air of someone in charge of the world. Completely swamped our teacher’s words and mispronounced our names, interrupted any question-asking from us and swore profusley. He kept speaking into the cameras. The crew was serious and the members just got on with their work. One of us was completely turned off so I kept my eye on him. Later he turned to show me his screen and he’d found the page about “Facejacker”! The secret was out but we students kept quiet allowing our teacher and weirdo to squabble over the meaning of life. It was a mad afternoon. At one point I believed I was in a parallel universe. Some would just say “Oh yeah? Hackney!” Glad I went. The film crew were shocked that we’d worked out the deal. After all they were sucked into the same ole same ole stereotype that we old uns could not fathom out computers. Scream and kick. Facejacker said we were a ‘befuddled lot’ unable to work out the computer. Well of course, an empire is built on the myth and now media firms are filming seniors touching keyboards and beckoning other cocooners to come in. And you know what?  I make money from it too!

Anyone seen Stuey off “Family Guy” who is desperate to live in tv playland (based on Telly Tubbies) and he finally gets there. He finds it’s all a sham. He cries. Hey, what’s that remind you of?