Issue 25 . Up Your Street. July beginning.


Sat 27th June £12.10-10pm. Leytonstone School as was in Colworth Rd E11 Pagan Federation of London day of everything Pagan.

                                free  noon. Hermitage Community Moorings in Wapping. Cakes, river, books.(And on Sunday)

Thurs 2nd July free 6-8pm Oxford House . Bethnal Green Road near the station. A photographic exhibition of Aldgate East and wine. Pop by. Up Your street subscribers have done many courses and walks with the Oxford House team.

                               free 4-5pm children welcome. cakes! then for adults. Concert at St John at Jerusalem Hackney. No booking required.

Emma Dogliani, who often sings soprano solo with Festival Chorus is putting
a free concert with her group Three4 on Thursday 2nd July at St John
Jerusalem Church

Fri 3rd July       free 2-5pm  free Ally Pally i. e Alexander Palace N.22 World War 1 exhibition about the Palace’s role. (many many dates).

 free ” Due to the popularity of the  Jazz, Poetry & Storytelling event at last year’s Festival, we have been invited to do a repeat performance at – Tommy Flynn’s, 692 High Road, E 11 3AA,  8 pm : (3rd July)

Jane Grell, poetry, story and song, with audience participation
Leszek Kulaszewicz on saxophone
Stuart Brown on piano
 Alfonso ‘Nya’ Peters on drums – a welcome addition to our group.
You are cordially invited to this Free event and do bring along a friend/friends, for a joyous night out.”
Thanks to Fitzroy in Leyton for sharing.

Sun 5th July      free Whitechapel Walk. 11am Meet at Whitechapel Art Gallery next door to Aldgate East.

Thurs 9th July  free 10.30-12.30 .Canning Town library E14 (69 bus to door). Art workshop with artist Hassan Vawda of Rosetta Art Centre. No need to book or bring pencils or even                experience. Cuppa too.

                                free Oxford House dance workshop for seniors. You need to book at Green Candle, Oxford House, Bethnal Green

Fri 10th July      free 2pm Rosetta Open Studios at Hamilton Rd West Ham

                                free 6-8pm Oxford House dance show. You must book as for 9th July.

twas a whirlwind!

Very disgusted to see how the Wapping Memorial Park by Hermitage Community Moorings is probably going to be fenced off at nights. Whatever next eh? High Street Seniors went there earlier this year on one of their jaunts. We saw no litter, no graffiti.We were arranging to go back with a picnic.

Today the engineering firm, Clancy Group, gave High Street Seniors HiViz jackets as they need them when walking at dusk.  There was a photoshoot too and a lovely welcome at Clancy Docwra site down Lea Bridge Road,E10. I got to see in the gorgeous house which is offices. Lovely, There’s a never-ending swirling staircase and a colourful ceiling. I shall go back with a camera or I’ll ask IanVisits. The grounds are  looking bad outside with poisoned sick massive rose bushes and litter galore. What to do eh? By the back door is the River Lea quietly slapping against the canal sides. I know river, canal, Lee, Lea. That river does not excite me. It’s static and lifeless.

After the photoshoot we all thirteen of us went to The WaterWorks Cafe just two bus stops along. Mmm! Hot chocolate. £1.80 Paninis £3

Wellness Games is on the horizon. Just go to your GLL leisure centre and offer your sporty limbs. Cycling, swimming, darts, dominoes, table tennis, badminton. Yippee! A day out in Brixton.

I live in a borough which is very multicultural:  Looking for the Eid party. Eid Mubarek!

No action for adults at The Mill today in Coppermill Lane E17. No matter; loads of stuff there at the weekend. The children made a rhino. I saw peach moulds constructed into hide and lots of paint  and presumed the absent  kiddies were celebrating Eid Ul Fitr.

All things Wapping and watery

Attended Guildhall Library for the free talk and exposition about The Thames Lightermen and Watermen. Brilliant. Only extraordinary mortals are allowed to touch the records and ledgers of those canny men and women of the 17th Century onwards, otherwise you have to go via microfiche so I was privleged and over the moon touching Wapping , Hermitage Community Moorings and London social history. Very very good. Last week it was the records of mariners. Then lighthouses on telly, and the River Lea with The Floating Cinema at the weekend. All things watery indeed.

No time to lub….off to the Hackney Museum for a talk and slides about Haggerston in Hackney.

High Street Seniors, eh?

                               Ray behind Ed or Phil Brown. Patricia in white

                           We did it again. Wapping is not a very noisy place in the rush hour. We group of seniors dodging the cobbles were the noisiest ones along the High Street at 6pm this evening. Careful not to ever look like a static congregation lest we upset the residents, we had our gathered intervals in the patches of parks and the Memorial Park too. The dove glints in the setting sun like gold.

                        There was an experience to be had in the 100 bus ride over the wobbly cobbles. So we did one bus stop to Wapping Station because we do have Freedom Passes.

               Some children were playing with skateboards and an old “Silver Cross” pram. Imagine. Not seen one of those since 1980.

             Up to Raine’s House. It was buzzing. Ray of the History Trust welcomed us warmly in true East End fashion. Madge gave a sparkling synopsis by slide all about the mainly churchy side of Wapping  in order to launch “Piety and Piracy”. Fabulous time had by all.

                Hermitage Community Moorings’ next coffee morning is Tuesday, 24th May. Vick says all welcome.

Isle Of Dogs, east London, docklands. Orkney (Maxwell and Sutherland)

Missed Red Riding Hood on Monday with the Open Stage TRSE 2102  volunteers due to the lurgy.  Twas a packed and rowdy house so I heard. Good. Then my germ-carrying stopped me in my tracks today as I made my way out to the Rio Cinema in Dalston to see Tom Hunter’s film about Woodberry Down Estate back in the day called “A Palace For Us”. Gutted. Mind you I would have had to leave rather than seeing the second half of the  programme when “Brief Encounter” would have been screened. Ugh!  Dreary posh unrequited love romantic never sexually tense film seen twice and that’s enough.

Then a text came through inviting me to tune into Radio 4. Glad I did.  Here was a fine example of oral history narrated by Alan Dein and produced by Neil McCarthy. I was interested in listening because of my once active involvement  in oral history recording at the Hermitage Community Moorings, Wapping and my own fervent interest in the history of people in London, bein’ a Londoner, like.

Under a headline project called “Lives in a Landscape” the BBC 4 programme was billed as “The Hall” and was to be about the community hall at St John’s on the Isle of Dogs, east London, known by its indigenous population as “The Island”. The hall is home to “tango queens, Moslem worshippers, bingo addicts and locals who fancy a pint”.

We can almost write the script for the hundreds of projects grown up since the Olympics and Paralympics which pertain to “My Story”. There’s film workshops, newspaper courses, community heritage projects and photographic comps too. because we all have a story to tell. Great change is afoot in the docklands and in our neighbourhoods and the recording of the effects of the change help alleviate a metropolitan uneasiness in which individuals feel swamped and unheard.

Alan’s narrative was ace:It had to be because we are listening to the radio. The working class  characters and retirees loved their community space and evidently put it to full use. The Bangladeshi participant hinted about the Moslem community having been there for two generations but that needed more exploration as the programme tended towards the usual history of the white working class in its old sense.  Yep I heard the old West Indian talking into the mic! The guy described the loss of trees as the area was modernised. Interestingly he said how he has seen the developers encroach into The Island such that the community he knows is whittled down to become inevitably  an island within an island.

The hall is a sanctuary where some of the local people can share stories, play scrabble and bingo and feel that they are continuing a life they knew when they were younger, when the community was an inclusive family-defined and generated entity.

I would relish the edit-outs!

Thank you for that Alan Dein. It was refreshing radio. I think Wapping volunteers are right behind you.

This morning my Ebay win came. Sir Peter Maxwell Davies CD “Mavis In Las Vegas” with the “An Orkney Wedding With Sunrise”. Just sheer beauty that is with all the strings and bagpipes and the creation of the harsh storm weather through Maxwell’s skill. The Orkney people put me off the genius that is Sir Peter. Their scowls and negative mumblings never intrigued me enough to find out more about the man; I had enough to do standing up in the wind. The guy is openly gay but not as in Gay Gordens. That’s one point against him. Secondly he’s an “incomer” Whoa!  Big crime. Need I say more. Just finished reading Luke Sutherland’s “Venus As A Boy”. Sutherland hits the nail on the head regarding life in Orkney but as I lent out the hard-back book, I can’t do the clever quoting.  “Wouldn’t you rather see for yourself?”

Just realized I travelled in my today blog from island to island.  Edgy…

Up Your Street for in and around Wapping. Issue 10

Sat  Dec 11th     free 10-7pm ‘Tatty Devine ‘ boutique sale on Brick Lane No.236

Mon Dec   13th   free 11-3pm all week St Katherine’s Dock Christmas Food Market on Pier Front. Food tasting too.

Fri      Dec 17th   free The White Swan and Cuckoo, Wapping Karaoke night.Good inexpensive food and John Smith bitter

free noon. John Scurr Centre. Seniors Christmas buffet. Phone Patricia for a place. All welcome 02077903113

The following entry is courtesy of and I usually only promote free or very cheap events for seniors. Here is something too exciting not to promote.
Sat.  Dec 18th,       £8 2-4pm  Join long-term local resident Brian Grover for a guided tour of London’s oldest enclosed docks. Discover the surviving warehouses, workshops and monuments that still bear witness to the Port of London’s heyday. Learn about the lives of the dockers themselves – their working practices, how they fought for their rights, and the mark they left on the surrounding neighbourhood.
Contact & Booking Details
Website: Click to Visit

Tues  Dec  21st        Free informal coffee morning  11 am ‘A Sense of Place’ project on Hermitage Community Moorings 16A Wapping High St. Check before-hand .02074812122

See You in 2011. Happy Christmas!

Check out for a 2 min film about interesting current London events.

Wapping food

Was chatting to Theresa of The White Swan and Cuckoo and we negotiated that volunteers on “A Sense of Place” at Hermitage Community Moorings, 16 Wapping High Street could enjoy a free cuppa with their meal. Good on you, Theresa. Businesses are holding their heads up high in an economic downfall so reaching out to your neighbours is noted. Volunteers are often students and seniors so enjoy that freebie!

Check for comments from the public about eateries and inns in Wapping.

What a winter sun at 8 am this morning. On local roads traffic had to crawl just to be careful of that golden orb. Photographing commuters were out digitally pipping the yellow sun’s glint on bare trees.

The world turns.

Up Your Street for in and around Wapping Issue 9

An ‘Up Your Street’ contingent enjoying fish ‘n’ chips at The White Swan and Cuckoo, Wapping Lane.

Issue 9 is here …….

Fri   3rd Dec 10-4pm    St Katherine’s Dock outside The Dickens Inn. Food Market (every Friday).   Gets seriously global and festive from 13th December (see issue 10)

Today on Sky Arts2  “Parsifal” and all throughout the month classic ballet and opera. e g “Cinderella” with Nureyev in a different role and “HMS Pinafore” coming up. Some picturehouses are showing the same programmes at a slight cost. We just had on Sky TV, Wagner’s “The Ring Cycle” And there’s a new channel “Vintage TV” Some back in the day concerts on it e. g. “The Stylistics”

Sun Dec 5th Volunteers at The Hermitage Community Moorings, 16A Wapping High Street enrolled on “A Sense Of Place” will be learning new oral history recording methods….with mince pies!

Thurs  9th Dec 10-1pm £2 “Young At Heart” at John Orwell Sports Centre. (N. B .  The Centre is shut all day 20th  Dec)

Spitalfields Winter Music Festival :-many free events. Some need booking.(“Fables Films” are cancelled.) Festival starts 13th Dec. 02073771362

Every health walk I knew about has been cancelled due to snow interruption.

Told you it would be all Wapping this week

Sue, Marcella, Audrey, Patricia Luella, and Edna
Seniors at "A Sense Of Place"

and why not?

Hermitage rocks!  Coffee morning was attended by hordes of lovely people. They came from all quarters;  Hackney, Leyton, Leytonstone, Wapping, the local school, Westminster, the City, Millwall, Shadwell and more. We were squashed in harmony, all passionate about the oral history project that is “A Sense Of Place”. We came out of the rain from our different  backgrounds and cultures. We are getting it together both volunteers, interested agencies and participants. What a great day! We were very informal and laughed and listened, learnt and embraced.

Our hosts on the Hermitage Community Moorings welcomed us warmly.

What a nice place to go. The Hermitage Community Moorings is warm, clean, a real mooring and has fabulous views. Go down and see it someday. Someone said that coming out of Wapping Station is like entering Dickens’ world. She’s right.

A group of us made a bee-line (on the cobbled streets) to The White Swan and Cuckoo, Wapping Lane (just in front of station) with its flag flying  ready for Nov 11th and had fish ‘n’ chips with peas and pudding too. Generous portions and cheap!

Wapping Police Museum

Find out all about this event on Today I arrived in Wapping after a mere 30 minute journey from Leyton. Crazy cos yesterday the roads were chokka. I explored in the freezing cold and damp, ending up in the friendliness of “The White Swan and Cuckoo”, 97 Wapping Lane. What a nice place. Christine was on duty and what a mine of information. Before my dinner arrived I had a cuppa for 50p. 50p? Wapping? And a slice of old fashioned proper bread from the Bakery up the road spread with real butter. Loved it all. On my full belly I was met by Rob at the Maritime Police Museum and boy he was generous with his knowledge and time. Well-recommended. he opened the back door and all I saw were lights on the Thames and loveliness and river police touching base.

Left and took the 100 bus to the Gauguin exhibition. Not all that, especially as I’d seen the BBC Gauguin programmes about 3 weeks ago. Learnt and saw all I needed from tv.

Hermitage Community Moorings coffee morning tomorrow. Excitement……