Hornsey Road N7 with some seniors in a group looking at history

Today I took myself up to Finsbury Park, then along to the Michael Sobell Centre then around the corner to the old Hornsey Road Baths and Laundry to get to Platform.Now Platform is for youth and we oldies were visitors searching out the fascination of ye olde worlde buildings courtesy of Buildings Exploratory and their kin.


What  a disappointment in that the history was delivered in reference to how marvellous it’s been covered over by a spanking new youth centre equipped with a theatre, a recording studio, dressing rooms. a careers room, posh accessible loos, a performance area, showers and a beat café The place is spotless and actually appears never used. I wonder. Not one li’le ole bit of graffiti to be seen on any brick wall indoors.


We climbed stairs, stuck our noses into the green room, felt the ancient parquet floor beneath our feet and then enjoyed a free cuppa from Tom and his team.

We had many questions in our heads and some boldly asked, especially about the upkeep and finance for such a show house but more of us were interested in just how was the coal delivered and stored back in 1895. No real evidential answers came back.

This is an Islington Council property. This is like a palace in size, structure and heritage. And there it is sitting on the side of the road: rebuilt after The Blitz bombing, no trumpet fanfares, just there next to other fabulous old brick buildings.

wpid-2015-07-30-09.59.58.jpg.jpegOut front.