The Sahara Grill

Mmmm….loved my annual visit to The Sahara Grill in Leyton High Road on route to the Olympics and Paralympics Park. This is advertised as an Islamic restaurant just to warn us all that prayers take precedence. The food is ace and reasonably priced.: A lamb sirloin steak with a gorgeous salad and fat massive chips comes at  a mere £16.95. Mind you I was dining with women who keep their cash wrapped in their hankies and count every penny. The place is always popular and attracts an affluent thirty something Asian/Pakistani looking mixed set. Plus there’s the Millais Road bus stop just outside where stops the 97 bus, which goes in and out of Westfield E20. Yep, E20.  Every grocer on the same road sells halal meat and the same ole same ole, but very fresh, fruit and veg. Makes you wonder if The Sahara Grill buyer goes wholesale or very local. Like a good feeding experience, me. (I see citrus fruits are the flavour of the month on the Hackney AgeUK Healthy Eating site.) What the Sahara doesn’t do is hot beverages. Chocolate gateau jus’ ain’t the same.

In the day, I’d been up with twenty other Up Your Streeters to the BFI on the South Bank to listen to those on the know talk about the life in film of “The Forgotten Legend”, Niranjan Pal who apparantly had a big influence on Raj Kapoor or easier to prove, “paved the way for giants such as Raj Kapoor”. Was so not impressed by the event: The documentary was done in a rush and it showed. (Thanks to DFG Dalston I can speak with confidence about that).

By all accounts, Pal was an nightmare to work with and ignorant to the point of rudeness. And we’d asked why no-one inside and outside of Mumbai knew about him! One Up Your Streeter said he reminded her of me. (To myself, “WHAT?”)  I remained calm. “Yes. He was ignorant and he reminds me of you”. Calmly,  “What is your evidence for that, Pat?” “You walked out of ‘Reasons To Be Good'”. “Oh, you mean “Reasons To Be Cheerful” at Stratford Theatre? You all hated it. I left at the interval, that’s all.” (“Who’s the ignorant one?” I smirked,  wallowing in the irony.) Water…duck’s back..

None of us bought the autobiography of Mr Pal.

Took the packed 26 bus to Hackney Wick which was jammed with pushchairs and toddlers, wellie boots and pom pom hats.

Good day followed by this morning’s excellent free Waltham Forest course all about the importance of reminiscence in Dementia when managed by informal carers usually relatives. ( Formal carers are those uncaring, gum-chewing, uneducated imposters who sprout from agencies and collect wages as carers. Shudder in unison.)

Good to learn.

Pampering for senior informal carers

 Starting June 13th, various free therapeutic sessions for carers in Newham and in St Joseph’s Hospice, Mare Street, Hackney.

There are limited places  at St Joseph’s, so booking is essential. 

To book your place  email now

 Mon  June 13th  free 10-3pm  therapists, linch and information stalls, Stratford Old Town Hall  E15  .no need to book

  • Tues 14 June  free    11am-4pm: Pampering and Sharing Day email to book at St Joseph’s.
  • Wed 15 June   free  1pm-6pm: Voice and Choice – Information and Knowledge with lunch. email to book at St Joseph’s.

Thurs  June 16th   free   11-3pm cream tea .   Central Park E6 (58 bus). Bowls and flower gardens walk. Just go along.

Fri       June 17th  free  10.30-3pm All kinds of therapy, manicure, threading, henna, waxing, the works! The Stratford Advice Arcade, The Grove E15. Check for places on 02085190811 between 2 and 4pm.

                                  free     6.30-9pm  in Finding Space at St Joseph’s Hospice, Mare St. Hackney. World music and food . email to book.