Event June 16th and hours of fun

June 16th is Bloomsday, an annual global celebration of James Joyce’s “Ulysses”. Never told you that at school, did they?

Lucy Harrison, artist i/c Mapping Your Manor is about to start more walkabouts. David Boote of Walthamstow Walks is out and about regularly too. High Street Seniors don’t want any more drenchings for a while. They’re the seniors sporting yellow and red Clancy Docwra hi-viz vests.

Gonna take the W12 to The MillE17 today to submit “SOFT” works for a major exhibition. That’s after Somerfield in Narrow Way E5 to spend my Co-op coupons. Every little helps.

New song for interactive grans and families:-

Where is Mummy?

Mummy’s gone to Iceland

Papa’s gone to Tesco

Baby’s gone to  Sainsbury’s

Where are you? (points to family member).


Grandma’s gone to Poundshop

Mummy’s gone to Budgen

Baby’s gone to Waitrose

Where are you?


Papa’s gone to the Co-op

Grandma’s gone to Koza

Baby’s gone to Primark

Where are you?


Hours of fun

At last. A good discussion and read with Mr Woolf.

N Quentin Woolf  does creative writing courses in Brick Lane. One day…

Right now for free he has a new venture called Big Read: Ulysses. For this whole year 2012 we can express our interest and be part of an internet reading group where we can interact and listen to non-academic (phew!) views about James Joyce and the mammoth read. We too will have views. It is just great. The team working alongside Quentin and sharing their thoughts are very honest and I like it. I like it a lot. At last, an intellectual challenge.  Did you know I was chucked off an Irish literature group as I was suspected of not having Irish roots!   I know! Imagine that. Last time I be the only one who goes along to learn Irish- Gypsy flower-making. My Grandma taught me to love the Irish. Pegs!