No. 26 of 27 Poems for International Women’s Day 2015

IMAG02751Jemima Puddle-Duck by RAGWORKS



In The Crib                    from Ribbons a poetry and photographic collaboration with Jake Green

(Brixton 2003)


Con fuoco, con forza, con brio

Nobly the rapper pointed her finger

at nobody in particular

She stamped with fire and force

And was vigorously blinged

In acrylic finger nails

And digits goldie ringed.


Was jus’ stressin’

As she dubbed each beat

First the index then the second

Then the finger of the wedding ring

And as she formed the o

Twixt thumb and pinkie

Her lips synchronised the shape



Later in her crib

Stephanie kicked off her Reeboks

And un- gripped the extension from her hair

Tonight  was a hard scene

Rapper Queen’s eyes widened

In a yawn

She hoped the photographer

Got her lip stud and new joggers

Performance was all.IMAG00653