Giddy Aunt Spins

Oh my gawd. Wendy and Nabila of Rooms Of Our Own were at Mary Katherine’s studio at East London Radio today. What’s on offer at the rooms? Poetry and writing and art and whatevs for women…. again. It’s not a free space y’all but they did say that the upper part of the building will be for older people for free. Get in the queue because I put in an expression of interest for Up Your Street yonkses ago before the Council of Waltham Forest by the Eco squashed the dream. There will be a caff….. no **i*?

There’s a taste of it all on Saturday at Harmony Hall E17. Feminist cocktails. I have yet to meet a working class woman who’s a feminist (not by definition of having breasts). The programme in the afternoon is all about architects, crèches and abused women, The evening is buy your supper and theatricals. She17 ness

The Patron can’t make it. Let’s note which women and men do come and they’ll  be the important ones.


.hubba on Goa Beach 12th Nov 2011


1986 Women’s Movement meeting

Some place up London prob. like  London Assembly Hall or GLC building.

Women in leather jackets kissing in my face, totally chaotic crèche, and someone said to me unsmiling, “What did you come as?” I was flummoxed. She bared her teeth.

” I’ve come as a Socialist Feminist”thCAYAM651

Me pausing to reflect on the absurdity of everything and holding my children’s hands lovingly

“Oh. I’ve come as myself”.

And then we scarpered.


So Mary played some Joni and Dylan in keeping with the clenched fist of the right on sister lot and the overcoming of the enemy.                                                                                       Save me.