blog post. Le Tour De France

Always something to look forward to.
Today “Songs of Praise” on BBC TV features Harrogate and the relationship of the local churches to the celebration of the Tour de France up there.
It’s all about communities coming together happily.
On Monday 7th July Le Tour de France is coming down from Yorkshire into Lea Bridge Road and on to Stratford. Now why is that exciting? Here again is a chance for us to see our neighbours. Like many Londoners I don’t know who my neighbours are. I know what kind of mattresses the former tenants had and I know that someone fills the communal brown recycling bin along with me. We are not at loggerheads. We are not confident to make connections, that’s all.
Since I knew about the French bicycle race honouring the tree-lined highway from Woodford to Asda in Temple Mills Leyton I have sat and sewn bunting and watered my roses out front to spread some joy and to welcome the foreigners speeding by. Today I learnt about the colours of the Tour; yellow, red polka-dot on white, green, and white. Colourful and not a French flag in sight. Current football takes care of that. Yellow ribbons will flutter in the July breeze on Monday then.
Always something to look forward to.
Bicycles in The Angel.JPGPhoto copywrited.