The Pamper Shop

Be a new you. Great hair cut in a short time for £8 only always with Magda at corner of Sanderstead and Lea Bridge Road. Go on then,  I’ll say it: by the new Lea Bridge Station. Same hairdo costs a fiver at Vidal’s but you sit for five hours. Waltham Forest College is great too if you like a sit-down.
I will post about Jessica’s fiver Yoga soon after a cuppa. Pamper the



Nana in Hackney E5 had their Open Day yesterday to inform locals all about what they’re about. I applaud the organisation which is reaching out to the community and recruiting grandmothers and older women , all described as “very lovely ladies” as volunteers. It’s all about a café culture where grans are on duty to supervise kiddies and share skills. So there’s crochet and crafts, recipes, tastings and story- sharing. There’s a Wednesday lunch club at £3 for soup and sandwiches. Money will come in from sold ‘comfort food’ dishes. (What’s that then? Hints of jerk chicken and dumplins).

elderfieldFrom  beautiful Elderfield Pub which is Nana’s temporary base to Argall Avenue (Avenue?) in Leyton…. Mind you I had to walk the unfashionable length of Chatsworth Road to get back to Lea Bridge Road.

What a dump is that Staffa Road. It’s a sheer disgrace. I shop at Hoo Hing and trolley around there to see the glazed dead ducks and fierce-some live fish in the tanks. The walk around is an health hazard. Lorries transport white goods and other junk to their resting places and lose tons on the sidewalks.argall ave 2

There’s glass and paper in the gutters. This is all where residents are supposed to be able to walk (it’s their back yard!), where dog walkers are lucky to find a tree with a rubbish-clear base and where workers tramp over mattresses to get to the W19 bus-stop by The Black Path.  As “Milling Around” online magazine points out, this is Grotsville. The Lea Bridge Station at a cost of billions is set to be re-worked and re-opened and one wonders if the Argall Estate, which is the station’s back garden, will get a nice clean-up.

Where there’s muck there’s brass.