Stratford Picture House east London Silver Screen

Packed on Wednesday. Seniors enjoyed 2 films for a fiver plus tea and coffee and bicuits galore. Absolutely lovely.  They watched “Rise of the Planet of The Apes” and swiftly moved into Screen 4 for the French film “Sarah’s Key”.

In a month’s time the Vue opens in E20 with 17 screens. (Bollywood, 3D, family films, children’s films , digital screens etc etc). Obviously we’ll all try for the opening offers to have a peak inside. Meanwhile Stratford Picture House will up its game with more arty farty and quirky films allegedly. There is a solid base of fans anyway at the Picture House and the Silver Screeners will be persistent loyal comers. Why wouldn’t they as the price is right? The staff are welcoming and jolly too. That alone makes a huge difference as to whom returns again and again.

Stratford Picture House, Stratford Circus and Theatre Royal Stratford east are a strong unit of shared purposes in the Theatre Square previously called The Cultural Quarter. Watch out for the Picture House and Theatre with promotional freebies at The Stratford Summer Festival on Saturday 20th August in Stratford Park, West Ham Rd E15. The park is gorgeous anyway so well worth a look in. And of course on Sundays at Coronation Gardens by Leyton Station is a free music bonanza at 2pm. That park was dire before but is upgraded  now to magnificence.

Become a founder member yet of Hackney Picture House? Your name on the screen? Tempt you? And your concessions membership card is valid at Stratford Picture House too.