This is what I know

Been very busy chasing my tail to put up RAGWORKS exhibitions. You know you can’t take a car to so many venues in east London because of parking restrictions so thank goodness for buses and trainers. Plus my internet was down as BT had a major fault  at their exchange. I survived.

I have learnt loads and this is the chief thing; that major venues need events managers or managers who know what they’re managing.

Making characters out of discarded material is enjoyable and creative then arranging to show RAGWORKS to the world makes you know why Trace and Dames have agents and minions working under them. It is so nice to get back in and pick up the needle. Yesterday it took me ages to be welcomed at a venue but I should have known as my emails and calls were ignored so I was working in the dark. Ah puff tut. People eh?

How fabulous “Cinderella” looks on the wall at The Mill in Coppermill Lane, E17. Is she Egyptian, Somalian, Turkish? Well she came from my brain so who knows! I am grateful to Mo at The Mill for her support as one artist to another I guess. Wish her the citizen award. And she has a couple of exhibits at The Smokehouse in dire Hackney Wick. Way to go Mo!

On Friday, in the sunshine, a large group of Up Your Street subscribers met at an appointed time at The WaterWorks in Lea Bridge Road to air their views on ‘the Greening of the Olympics’  with Ph.D student Sadie. The venue is very good and the hot chocolate in the cafe extremely good. We all had so much to say and what came out of it and this is what I know is that if it weren’t for Up Your Street disseminating information about all the happenings around the Olympic and Paralympic Games Park then the committed seniors would never have got to Open Stage , A Taste of Hackney, Songololo, Holden Point, Hackney Museum and etc etc where activities spurred on by the excitement of London 2012 were put out as projects.

We had a good discussion around the building works at the back of Leyton Marsh and the upgrading of Dagenham Brook, a herethereto stinky stream. Some of us walked the shaved Black Path on the back of the Argall Industrial Estate and then past copses and Kingsmill Bakery up to Coppermill Lane. It was a fine warm day remember.

What was concluded from the PH.D gathering was that we the residents around the perimeters of the Games 2012 feel abandoned and alienated from the riches of a world event. So to broach legacy was a way in to complete negativity and misery! For me, the greening of the Olympics means that more people go on walks in their boroughs and get to appreciate the beauty. But only some types of people and hardly in big numbers.

Enjoyed a screening of a film about the River Thames by William Raban at The Stratford east Picturehouse. The film was full of beautiful photography and was an eye-opener for most of the audience who had no learnt history of the London Docks. There’s an exhbibtion in Newham currently about the women who worked in Tate and Lyle back in the day.

Up at The PictureHouse everyone had a guided tour of the RAGWORKS exhibition by Gillian Lawrence which was in its glory that day.

Imagine you are everyone…a play.

The Yard Theatre  with a cast of 139 is presenting a play examining freedom of expression and how it works through social networking .The venue, the base  in Queen’s Yard, White Post Lane in Hackney Wick  (next to station) is well worth a visit.

Last night was the first big meet-up of participants and professionals , the latter of which there are many , at Big Hill, Clapton E5. I hoped the Anthony Marsh building would be top of hill. Nope. That Big Hill is steep. How did horses and carts manage in days of yore but they did? The view from the top is tremendous, looking down to the lush Leyton Marsh and the still River Lea.

Well, the evening with Stu and Lauren and others was exhilarating as we were directed into group activities and awareness. Was a treat.

Then to come out of the sauna that is work and a hot building into deserted Mount Pleasant Lane at 9.30 on a summer’s evening is sweet. The 393 bus  does the route. There are beautifully kept houses along that way and hundreds of flats. It’s all well-lit too. Lots of sounds of clanging of pots in kitchens as the day’s fast during Ramadan ended. I see a High Street Seniors walk at dusk after the summer ignoring Big Hill!

 Love Hackney.

The big rehearsal is on Sunday and new comers are welcome. Come and find your space and place. We’ll be at The Yard in Hackney Wick with our scripts and packed lunches for the day will be long.(10-6pm) Just mention Up Your Street and doors will open.