Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage #2

house and gardenlloyd park 2lloyd #2Cooler weather and an interesting meet-up with Luke, the head gardener at Lloyd Park.
The gardens were put in place to provide a link between the Park and The William Morris House/Gallery. It’s true that when I’ve visited the place in the past I never did both venues but rather said “I’ll go to William Morris Gallery” or “We’ll go to the park”. Now, there’s a colourful carefully-planned and maintained, with Heritage Lottery money help, a garden for all the people all of the time. The ways in are many symbolising that the entrances and exits have no difference and are all equally good. Ah, William, always the socialist, always the rich socialist what with his dressing up as a knight and rushing over the moat to rescue his playmates.
Mainly the plants are herbaceous and rely on wood bark to keep them happy and settled, free from fungal infections and bugs. The BBC Website for landscapes and plants is currently number one for Lloyd Park gardening staff.

Canada geese flew overhead.
Luke talked of his preference for the return of the fish in the old moat. And some of us ‘sharers’ were relieved to know that the curved border beds in front of the House’s back steps would be returned. So they say.
The time whizzed by and we hurried back for bread pudding and tea.