Muggery and thuggery

I was in Finsbury Park bus station and saw two boys punching a smaller boy. I stopped by them and gave a teacher come adult look. Dilemma: ” Is it normal play-fighting or something sinister?” And check my back.

I was on the 394 bus from Hoxton Hall, situated in the Hoxton Market which was giving off smells of posh burgers in posher buns, where I’d gone for an “audio tour” not knowing it was a Shoreditch walk like “Mapping Your Manor” pre- Olympic and Paralympic Games when I espied an unusual formation of cyclists riding across the vision of a car. In a moment the passengers were in uproar having witnessed cycle thugs punch a child cyclist so that he fell to the ground. It was a mercy the car behind stopped. The bicycle left behind was retrieved by a passer -by. I don’t know about the child because no-one on my bus spoke English. I got the gist that the car driver saw to the boy.

Then I was on the 48 going to Walthamstow when two slags got on and walked past the driver. He waited then demanded in a polite manner to see their passes. The acting began and there were no passes. He wouldn’t change a £20 note saying they should pop off the bus to the adjacent shop and buy an Oyster card. They weren’t moving, drinking their pop and adjusting their weaves. After a couple of minutes a guy paid their passage. We all got down in Walthamstow and I went into the express supermarket to check my community notice-board. The slags were already in there filling their bags with shop- lifted items. I alerted Mr Security who told me they’re habitual thieves.

At home I enjoyed “Customs UK”.

Scaffolding Sculptures and The Olympic Torch Relay.

At 7pm Bruce Castle Museum Lordship Lane N17 (Tottenham) opened up for artists (Lucy of ‘Mapping Your Manor’ was there), dignitaries and I to share the experience of marvelling at Ben Long’s pretty awesome (avoided the “amazing” word there) Lion 9 metres high and constructed with the nuts and bolts of scaffolding steel. Very good from every angle and only up until end September.  It’s a free to look installation on the Castle Museum front lawn. You go see.

And then the Museum itself…well! So worth a long visit and we have to thank the volunteers there for keeping the place vibrant and community-centred. That means it’s a welcoming place without the effects of commercialism. Loads of events go on there . Ask Deborah Hedgecock.

Back to the art preview. There were also a couple of rooms of art pertaining to The Games 2012. Too much to take in: Was impressed by the video loop about the nano-seconds experienced by competitors just before the competition. And the 5 rings in textile possibly African-Caribbean influenced. There was too much on which to concentrate and enjoy,  too many people (it was a bookable event but no-one was ticking off a register), too much wine and the heat was rising! Best to re-visit. I espied Lord Seb Coe in a Warhol fashion.

Martin Richman and Charlie Kerr  had their light and sound installation installed. No spoilers here. Suffice to say it’s  in the Tower (of death.)

Thank you  Laura Harford of UpProjects for a wonderful evening where Art was king.

Then it was time for McDonalds. The fasting observers were breaking their fasts in the myriad of eateries which gush out fried chicken and Eritrean spice stinks onto a very dirty Bruce Grove. Here and there are dotted vestiges of a bygone up- market Tottenham. Long since gone though. Tottenham has many beautiful houses; there’s Clyde Road, for instance. Bruce Castle used to be the Manor House for Tottenham.

An old Somalian man, orange-haired and relaxed showed me the old public convenience and lamented its demise. It is surrounded by gorgeous wrought iron . “People come out of the station and piss in the street”.  Disappointed of Tottenham eh?

Posh doors in Bruce Grove.

The Olympic Games Torch was relayed in Haringey and up to Ally Pally, N10 on this day the 25th July on the same day as Lion Scaffolding Sculpture roared loudly.

Event June 16th and hours of fun

June 16th is Bloomsday, an annual global celebration of James Joyce’s “Ulysses”. Never told you that at school, did they?

Lucy Harrison, artist i/c Mapping Your Manor is about to start more walkabouts. David Boote of Walthamstow Walks is out and about regularly too. High Street Seniors don’t want any more drenchings for a while. They’re the seniors sporting yellow and red Clancy Docwra hi-viz vests.

Gonna take the W12 to The MillE17 today to submit “SOFT” works for a major exhibition. That’s after Somerfield in Narrow Way E5 to spend my Co-op coupons. Every little helps.

New song for interactive grans and families:-

Where is Mummy?

Mummy’s gone to Iceland

Papa’s gone to Tesco

Baby’s gone to  Sainsbury’s

Where are you? (points to family member).


Grandma’s gone to Poundshop

Mummy’s gone to Budgen

Baby’s gone to Waitrose

Where are you?


Papa’s gone to the Co-op

Grandma’s gone to Koza

Baby’s gone to Primark

Where are you?


Hours of fun

A Taste Of Hackney

Yep! Tasted a bit of Hackney today. To be honest, I’m a bit saturated with Hackney as yesterday “Hackney Life ” a film project by Mosaic Films, Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, showcasing Hackney ..  again.. exposed their ways and means of getting it together via our uploaded shots on YouTube. Well, from the people I knew and loved at the introductory meeting about one eighth were computer-literate so YouTube may be a challenge. Still we remain optmistic. Then at Hackney Museum for two weeks and more,  there’s even more Love ‘Ackney (especially as it’s 2012!)  through “Homerton Voices” and artist Lucy Harrison’s “Mapping Your Manor” project.

Today, A Different Drum Productions  via “A Taste Of Hackney” treated us and the Colvestone pupils to an experience at The new Hackney Archives opposite the Peace Mural, Dalston Junction, opposite The Eastern Curve Garden where my gargoyle weathers the snow . I was quietly stunned as all the non-security staff on duty upstairs were white. Not seen that for ages.  (Seen the Mcdonald’s advert where the ante-natal nurse is black?  Well, hello strereotypes!  McDonalds could’ve paved the way and had a male nurse. Coulda,  shoulda.)

The Hackney Archives is great, state of the art and full of good stuff:- Lots of films and pictures to which the children  could relate.  Don’t know what the adults got from it as  for people who used Ridley Road Market in the past  they were pretty disorientated.

The reception/security staff are great and welcoming.

Went to Can Supermarket. Lea Bridge Road to buy my yam and spinach and home in the freezing cold on a friendly bus.  Life good.