The Claremont Project

Exhausted from and happy to have completed my art work for my exhibition called “Champions” acknowledging International Women’s Day 2017 because an artist has to promote and design that promotion too and curb vanity, modesty and find a path of equilibrium without sinking into questioning any futility and finding the energy to be positive, then The Claremont Project is great in that it provides an opportunity to plunge into a distraction. It offers members walls and themes to get them using art for their own expression. It sets time schedules and so encourages discipline and time-management. You don’t even have to buy art materials: you can go along to the art exhibition preparation workshop, meet great seniors and chat along with coffee and free resources.

It’s a hoot.

I myself have begun my own canvas entitled “Paradise” which is the theme for March’s exhibition. I cannot order any more paint so will have to scour charity shops for a little bit of white and some yellow. Cass Art has a sale on . Ebay is always cheaper. I’d moved house recently and stored some ex-exhibition paintings on canvas in plastic in a shed. Boy, those rains found a way in so three frames were soaked and mouldy. Into the bin. Didn’t hurt. These days artists photograph all their work.

Carne Griffiths is giving generously a free workshop about fluid creating. The man uses tea bags? That’s at Cass Art, Islington but it’ll be first come first served, a bit like Black Friday at Asda and edging forward in a queue with art students or youngsters. Maybe not.

On Thursday next there’s another free workshop using indigo something in printing which Walthamstow’s darling, William Morris loved to use, or more like his workforce used. Sba Shaikh of Mehraj Textiles is also generous giving people a chance to try. Should be adults only as its the Gallery’s Lates evening. We’ll see.

And on IWD another freebie at The Mill E17 printing from a woman’s perspective with Inky Cuttlefish’s director, printer celebrated, Anna Alcock. Inky Cuttlefish, such a name conjuring up images of black ink, fish fins and lines.

Going back to Claremont, there is quite a clique of art- interested bods who have access to tours of curator-led exhibitions especially in Islington, and outwith. Claremont organises art therapy and other therapies alongside art classes at £2 a pop. Hilary Davis of E17 and beyond shares her craft skills there showing sewing techniques and organising reminiscence projects. She’ll feature at East London Radio on Mary Katherine Presents on March 30th. One of the visiting Claremont art therapists is Amanda Whittle who runs CreativiTEA in Waltham Forest on a Saturday once a month. Now that is not therapy although I have seen tears and heard angst there as I munched through my chocolate chunk. Amanda will also make sounds at East London Radio this March as a studio guest of Mary Katherine all part of my art exhibition called what? Champions.

The sun’s out. It’s sweet Saturday. There are three local walks I know about today. I also know it’s c-c-c-cold. Bravo all the seniors I know putting one foot in front of the other.

Mary Katherine presents


Mary Katherine is 72 years old and manages and presents a weekly magazine programme at East London Radio which targets seniors as it online audience. She plays music from the 1940’s, ’50s ’60s mainly but not exclusively because there will be repeats of Joan Armatrading and Adele. Listeners can text or email in and they do. Danny of Hackney Wick always wants Elvis whereas Mary in Chingford wants any Val Doonican.  Mary Katherine obliges with her producers lining up the golden oldies.mary 3music27

As Up Your Street gets out and about so I am able to supply a true mixture of the type of personalities doin’ their thing  representing what’s out there to become Mary Katherine’s guests on a  twenty minute slot at noon on Thurdays


On the 18th June it’s show time for local Walthamstow artist Hassan Vawda. His work recently featured in the front window and beyond at Pictorem Gallery Hoe Street E17 (but nearer E10) as part of the E17 Art Trail 2015. By day he sorts out students at Rosetta Art Centre in West Ham and facilitates art workshops with passion.

Giddy Aunt Spins

Oh my gawd. Wendy and Nabila of Rooms Of Our Own were at Mary Katherine’s studio at East London Radio today. What’s on offer at the rooms? Poetry and writing and art and whatevs for women…. again. It’s not a free space y’all but they did say that the upper part of the building will be for older people for free. Get in the queue because I put in an expression of interest for Up Your Street yonkses ago before the Council of Waltham Forest by the Eco squashed the dream. There will be a caff….. no **i*?

There’s a taste of it all on Saturday at Harmony Hall E17. Feminist cocktails. I have yet to meet a working class woman who’s a feminist (not by definition of having breasts). The programme in the afternoon is all about architects, crèches and abused women, The evening is buy your supper and theatricals. She17 ness

The Patron can’t make it. Let’s note which women and men do come and they’ll  be the important ones.


.hubba on Goa Beach 12th Nov 2011


1986 Women’s Movement meeting

Some place up London prob. like  London Assembly Hall or GLC building.

Women in leather jackets kissing in my face, totally chaotic crèche, and someone said to me unsmiling, “What did you come as?” I was flummoxed. She bared her teeth.

” I’ve come as a Socialist Feminist”thCAYAM651

Me pausing to reflect on the absurdity of everything and holding my children’s hands lovingly

“Oh. I’ve come as myself”.

And then we scarpered.


So Mary played some Joni and Dylan in keeping with the clenched fist of the right on sister lot and the overcoming of the enemy.                                                                                       Save me.