Up Your Street. Issue 2

Up Your Street.   Issue 2

Sun 10th Jan   free   Did you forget to book with me for the Miro reconstructed studio exhibition by Green Park on 11th Feb?
Mon 11th Jan    £2.50 *10-12 noon Centre for Better Health 1a Darnley Road, Hackney.
                         10 weeks of Beginner Ceramics. Brilliant. You need to book and *pay £25 in advance.
Wed 13th Jan    £4  12-3pm POSH Club at St Paul’s Hackney West. Stoke Newington. Cabaret and  tea well worth more than less than a fiver.
Thurs 14th Jan  free 10.30-12.30pm. Mary Katherine online at East London Radio. All about lifting yourself up to good living.
                         free 3.30-5pm Dance with Posh Club crew. Join in some free dance movements to keep agile fit and hot. No need to book. I presume there are refreshments. Take your water anyway.
Ongoing      free Hackney Museum. African threads exhibition. Superb and packed.
                    free for a month. Hackney Central Library. Seaside paintings. Loads of canvases packed into three display cabinets showcasing work from a Hoxton enterprise.
                   free V&A Museum of Childhood. Child Migrants exhibition until June I believe.  Powerful and painful.   Children emigrating form UK to Canada 1890-1970      Afterwards pop into The Gallery (Vegan) Café at St Margaret’s in Old Ford Road. Hot chocolate £2.60. Treat yourself. It gets busy from 12.30pm. Wi-Fi accessible for you and your tablet.
********************************************************************************all for now.
I am reading Harper Lee’s second novel for coffee and cake club with Lydia next week at Hackney Central Library. Come and help me eat the croissants and chat about Lee. Copy free via library after a wait and an order….. or £2.59 to your tablet or other device from Kindle. Tempting

Issue 27 Up Your Street. It’s all art.

Tues 14th July free 2-4pm Book at Eventbrite for an illustrated talk about Barbara Hepworth at The National Archives in Kew.

Wed  15th July free 10-noon Textile banner-making@ Hamara Ghar (for over 50s) 412-422 Green Street, E13 9JN :Making banners about Green Street east London at Hamara Ghar, sheltered housing for all aged 50 plus and from Asian Backgrounds, (really?) at 412  Green Street. All welcome if you’re over 50. Professional artist -led workshop initiated by Rosetta Art Centre, West Ham.

free.10-1pm. Final session with Robert Sanna, ceramic artist, at Rosetta Art Centre, West Ham.  Seniors only class. Was a blast!

                              free 2pm Rosetta Art Centre students go to the V&A for the celebrated Alexander McQueen exhibition “Savage Beauty” Treat.


                          £4 6-9pm Screening at Brady Arts Centre, Hanbury Rd E1 “Under The Cranes”

Thurs 16th July free 2-5pm Mental Spaghetti in Boundary Road, Barking (62 bus). Book at Eventbrite for woodcutting and printing.

free 10.30-12.30 East London Radio online. Mary  Katherine presents her magazine show from Leytonstone.


Mary Katherine presents @EastLondonRadio

Now Mary Katherine has to be applauded for commitment alone; every week without fail she’s off to East London Radio studios to give of herself in her magazine show

“Lifting Yourself Up To Good Living”.

E v e r y  week. She’s full of positivity and uplifting ways. It’s her main business.

She targets seniors likely from 70 years and  upwards judging by the age-related music. eg Bing Crosby, Andrew Sisters, Bob Dylan and Thin Lizzie. It’s all silver sounds and golden oldies except when she slips in a moany Cassidy or worse, Adele. There’s an overload of male artistes anyway but hey that’s the sub conscious push of radio and music in its maleness. MUSEFest is addressing that big time.

Back to admiring a senior in her glorious years. You know on BBC radio 3 you can hear the announcers (never djs) reading their scripts sounding all knowledgeable about Wagner or some obscure Latvian composer (male mais oui). Mary Katherine reads no scripts and holds interviews very well in rushed time and space. She’ll make grand faux-pas but really who cares? It’s community radio and we’re not out for an Oscar ..yet. Her guests are always at ease and need to keep up with Mary Katherine as she bludgeons them for contact details for her listeners all poised with pencil and paper.

The texts that come in fast and furious and the ones she reads are hilarious what with Doreen of Leytonstone asking for Frankie Vaughan and Danny from Hackney Wick never failing every Thursday to ask for any Elvis because he saw him in Vegas you know!

Mary Katherine adds in her researched quotes to match the topic of the session: More often than not some revered old biddie statesman  or a poet we long abandoned at the school gate. There’s always a featured artiste and lo and behold a prayer mat to Joan Armatrading as Mary takes every opportunity to share her love for the old Shetlander. Mary Katherine did a phone interview a couple of years ago with the not-in -love one. What a coup.

Today’s guests were special and needed to be heard. Two Miracle Charity staff were promoting an art exhibition to highlight the way children live in dire straits in Canary Wharf’s shadow. It’s a disgrace that children are hungry in a London borough. Shame on you any government.

Tune in, if that’s how we say it now. Every Thursday at 11 am for ninety minutes.

Up Your Street. Issue 10


Up Your Street issue 10

Tues 19th Mar. free. 2-4pm Reminiscence Cafe at Bruce Castle Museum  in North London. Sharing memories about “Ballroom to Rock  N Roll”.

Wed 20th Mar.  free    1.30pm outside Highbury & Islington Station

Mr Luks Meeme walk, Underground to St. Paul’s. All welcome. Bring a packed lunch and water/juice.

See and talk about St. Mary Le Bow Church and Bow Bells!
St. Paul’s Cathedral, Millenium Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and much more.

Thurs 21st Mar free noon-3pm The Big Dig. Chandos Community Centre E11. Starting the community garden. Refreshments provided.

Sat 23rd Mar  free 10-noon Mary Katherine Presents silver sounds and golden oldies at Streetlife Radio. Mary fahey Mary enjoying her local.

                          free  noon-4pm  Spring Extravaganza. Vicarage Rd Community Centre E15 Family event with workshops and displays.

                       free 10.30-4.30pm. Bruce Castle in Haringey. Mad March Vintage Fair. Thirty stalls and a Vintage Cafe.

***************************************** Up Your Street likes Freecycle.org Waltham Forest and Hackney.

Hornbeam Cafe in Hoe Street E17 has its own eco-friendly champion mugs for sale at a fiver each.

The Mill E17 is about to host another exhibition. This time it will be about the Walthamstow Marshes.


Issue 18. Up Your Street



Fri 23rd Nov £5 6.45pm play “Londonee” at “A Season of Bangla Drama” in Brady Arts Centre     http://www.dramabangla.wordpress.com

 Sat 24th Nov free noon onwards.The Mill E17 Christmas Fair.

                           free 10.30-4pm Give and take sale with Forest Recycling Project at Mission Grove School, Buxton Rd E17 off Walthamstow Market.

Sun 25th Nov. free  11-1.30pm The Mill E17 Community breakfast with guest speaker Mary Katherine of Streelife Radio in Waltham Forest

free 11am Leyton Library High Rd E10. Leyton Gallery art  exhibition “Winter”

Mon 26th Nov £4  1pm Greenwich PictureHouse reminiscence Screening “Miracle on 34th Street” (1947).  96 mins long.Turn up or book on 0871 902 5732

Tues 27th Nov free 7-9pm  Meet photographer Duncan Holmes at The Mill E17

Thurs 29th Nov free                                 Tottenham Music Festival begins

free 7pm Hackney Historic Buildings hosts at the Round Chapel E5 Big Bold Brass Ensemble. Fabulous venue, great music and a warm welcome.

Fri 30th Nov free 10-2pm until Dec 2nd .”In and Out of Form ” exhibition at Darnley Gallery E9

Sat 1st Dec free 10-6pm. Glebe Road Studios 18 Glebe Rd E8.Ceramics to see and buy.

free 3-5pm “Drawing The Culture” award ceremony Tokarska Gallery Forest Rd E17

                      £5  8pm Camden Rock, 18 Kentish Town Road N1 (by Camden Tube Station).   John Arthur, The Walthamstow Bard, sings and plays guitar.

Sun 2nd Dec free 1-5pm Bruce Museum N17 Folk music.

11-5pm Glebe Road Studios 18 Glebe Rd E8 beautiful and functional ceramics to see and buy.

£3.50 ish      2-5pm Tea dance at Finsbury Town Hall Islington. Grand, friendly, eats and tea, demos, teaching. Dress up , up to you.

Wed 5th Dec free. 6.30pm Commonwealth Carol Concert at St Martins in the Field (tickets via Eventbrite)

Thurs 6th Dec free 6-9pm Salon 111 private opening party night. Phone Forman’s gallery in Fish Island for an invitation.


Asda supports BBC Children In Need and in the advertising booklets on Asda’a counters there are money off coupons for eggs and butter.(Sounds like World War 2 rations!)

There are free weekend places available with the Legacy of the  Olympic Park bus tours. email mailer@springmail.co.uk

Mary Katherine interviews Joan Armatrading

The charm and appeal about Mary’s interview was the tone of familiarity between a community radio part-time presenter and a major musician from the seventies who is still performing, writing and maintaining a singing voice; Joan Armatrading.

Mary Katherine  is never shy and was overflowing with confidence interviewing a woman of her own age. The interview was all done remotely, recorded and uploaded today 1st September 2012 at http://www.streetliferadio.com

The “golden oldies” radio presenter put forward her own views and pushed audaciously a face to face critique of Armatrading’s current work right there and then off the cuff. Joan was able to come back in her reasoned slow pace and explore the personal reactions Mary put forward about “Back On Track”.

Both women were at ease; no doubt about that. Given Mary’s title  “Joan Armatrading, the Queen ” as an impulsive note  Joan took it all in her stride and had to justify to Mary Katherine all her raison d’etre. This was  a bold interview given to us in snippets interrupted nicely by Armatrading’s earnest songs at www.streetliferadio.com

Mary even promoted her community radio station based in Waltham Forest College E17 in a casual matter of fact conversation piece.

There was much agreement between the two women about shared mantras on “Living up to good living” the sub- text of Mary Katherine Present’s show on Saturday mornings.

Joan ‘s label is “Hypertension”, a German-based record promotions outfit. Mary Katherine probed all the whys and the wherefores.

Joan would like to continue working with musicians on her own show and never gave big names when Mary Katherine asked her with whom she’d like to work. Mary Katherine, relaxed as ever called Joan “love”. Crikey!

The juggle was that the  interview during “Culture Corner” was full of universal love and at the same time Mary’s morning show was all about addressing HATE.  Mary expounded the virtues of the new CD  “This Charming Life” with passion and a level of research.

Our informal hostess as Joan’s biggest fan told us the internet radio listeners that the star will be touring  Ireland , Scotland, Hastings, Southend ,then London 23rd and 24th November 2012. SOLD OUT.

Mary Katherine Presents

Every Saturday on Streetlife Radio housed in Walthamstow E17, grandmother and business woman Mary Fahey presents her show “Lifting Yourself up to Good Living”. She presents a playlist of golden oldies, silver sounds and some breathing techniques for listeners to find where they’re comfortable at that moment in time. It’s like standing up yoga.

Last Saturday she had in 2 campaigners, Lucy and Richard, to outline the progress being made towards keeping the old Walthamstow cinema alive and kicking as an entertainment venue rather than as a church. They base their campaign on the fact that the building was meant to be a cinema and that there is popular demand for it to be so now. The building itself in Hoe Street is beautiful inside.

There was some great music to accompany the interview by Mary Katherine and some cinema organ music. Listeners were contacting the show in their dozens: such is the interest in the topic and in Mary, dj and presenter.

You can see more about Mary on “Milling Around” , the online magazine at The Mill E17.

I have been into Mary’s studio many times talking about Up Your Street activities and bringing along community champions to experience the workings of a unique community radio station staffed by youth volunteers.

It’s all online except in August when the shows go out live on FM radio .

Streetlife Radio

On the FM dial 87.7 and on internet.

Today Up Your Street was a guest on Mary Katherine Presents  morning show at Streetlife Radio from 10-noon. The station situated in Waltham Forest College, Forest Rd E17  is Waltham Forest’s sole community radio and is staffed by seniors and youth so is intentionally diverse generationally. The senior presenters and djs are Silver Sounders. So Mary Katherine’s shows suit Up Your Street nicely. Seniors do text in and email Mary for their favourite golden oldies and silver sounds and Mary brings on community talent and local people who keep the grass roots community going like the people at The Pump House Museum in South Access Road e17.

I was greeted very well both at The College reception and by the managers and producers on duty voluntarily at Streetlife Radio. Today it was young Zara, Chima and Jason.I was offered tea and made to feel like a welcomed person. Last year some seniors from Up  our Street went into the studio to be interviewed about their war-time experiences in east London. Prior to that singer and songwriter Neech was a guest and John Arthur too.

Community groups only have to contact the station to get an airing. The radio is there for all of us and it is an exciting chapter now as Streetlife Radio has a licence to broadcast live for a few weeks.

Today I talked about the Wellness Games and Older People’s Day, both scheduled for October, and also about the Gala Opening  of The Mill hub in Coppermill Lane e17. this day 8th September. The art exhibition there is ace. Look out for “Sea Creature” and “Blackhorse Road Station”.The venue is smart too.

Up your street for in and around Wapping. issue 7

Tues      Nov   16th   Channel 4. 9pm  “The Family” returns. (See 22nd Nov Rich Mix)

Thurs   Nov     18th       free 10a m -noon. Streetlifefm radio  Mary Katherine presents (see

photo) an    online radio programme for seniors with chat, interviews, golden oldies and silver sounds. Go to http://www.streetlifefm.com                email studio@streetlifefm.com with requests.

Fri        Nov  19th          free 1-4pm London Metropolitan Archives, “Reel London”Archive                                                                                film of London and Thames

Sun   Nov     21st          free 6pm St Paul’s Cathedral. Remembrance Service. Just turn up.

Mon  Nov    22nd         free 6.30pm at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Rd. An episode preview of Channel  4’s “The Family”  Q&A session too.Book 0n 0207613 7498

COMING SOON        many free recitals at Spitalfields Winter Music Festival booking now on 02073771362