Fat Tuesday, eh?

Current TV does International Women’s Day: “Target Women” and “Real Women On Top” checking out the silly adverts. Bit of eddicashun….

Yesterday I went down to Brick Lane to pay homage to International Women’s Day. There was I expecting the crowds, the buzz, the excitement, the renewed bonding through education, diversity and ye olde equality. Just me then? I re-visited the sewing machine of my youth, broke some needles, and walked to Liverpool Street to get down to Stratford for the last FREE tea dance. Mary Patel does us proud.

Made my pancakes today, Fat Tuesday: Check out my story on www.whatsinwapping.co.uk and off to see how unfolds Hackney’s International Women’s Day celebration of which I am a part. Purple and green ribbons pinned!

Valentine’s Day 2011

Where did we all come from? How did we all get there? The Newham Valentine’s Tea Dance was jam-packed, rammed: You couldn’t move. Every senior was there, Asian, Caribbean, White, mix-ups, the whole caboodle. It was the best tea dance I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen many many. Must have been 300 people in that gorgeous venue and every one glammed up. Wolf-whistles to the siren with the Zimmer frame and doubles to her carer in the sparkly top. Men were in their seventies and their element, 6:1. Girls galore and in Carmen come-get-me reds. The DJ from East End Radio was ace as always; the volunteers led by Mary Patel superb. Just a handful of welcoming younger mainly women doing all the work. Dishing out cake, fruit and teas, juices and all. And you know what? We paid not a penny. We the  crowd coming via Up Your Street5 were showing off the footsteps we’d learnt 1-2-3, 1-2-3 at Malcolm’s FREE ballroom classes on Mondays at the Round Chapel. That’s Hackney Music who arrange that and Missy came down with promotional leaflets. She was amazed by the crowd. When the line dances came on , so did every woman worth her salt and the mass looked like a red blancemange moving synchronised across the room. Fabulous! There was nothing to fault today at all. There never is at Stratford Old Town Hall tea dance. It is always well-organised and we are welcomed properly. Much appreciated.

A few hours later I watched Puccini’s opera, “Tosca” coming from The Met via satellite (repeated from 2009). More bloomin’ red. Absolutely loved it. Luc someone was the producer and apparently the old guard booed on the first night because of his interpretation from the original script.

Before that Corrie. Hey! Superb script, acting, suspense etc. Peter had been given ‘looking dark’ shots about a month ago so I knew his devil would be exposed. Clever clever writing.

Am on the brink of not printing out “Up Your Street5”. Via the web is so the way to go and  seniors just have to get on that cybership.