Saving Integrity.

Was slightly peeved when some media types set homework  for me to find vouchers on t’internet for me to use  to take out older people to dinner . Mother hen there. That is so NOT

Up Your Street.

Haven’t even started on that Wowcher etc stuff as it is actually holiday time with reference to resurrections (although I did hear that telly advert production never stops), Benedict Cumberbatch is on repeats  in all those delicious episodes of Sherlock: For fear of missing a grimace or of the codes appearing on the screen I cannot multi-task. Then, importantly, I have listings to get out to seniors highlighting the myriad of events such as festivals and workshops for wiser older people who don’t want to spend £15 on a discounted dinner of leaves arranged on a plate.

Seniors are targeted everywhere now especially since they were outed as isolated and lonely. I find events and activities for seniors which are free or as cheap as chips around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Last week I grabbed the last free places on a clay sculpting course in West Ham. No vouchers required just a peek into tweets and emailed newsletters. After that and after a fabulous choral evening I gathered places on a choir workshop for seniors to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon. Who knows to where that may lead? A coming highlight,  a little out of our manors but related to Hackney, is a great afternoon out at Keats House in posh Hampstead when Michael Rosen gigs and seniors picnic on the lawns…on benches of course.

Seniors can find their own vouchers for discounted wares and food on the internet. The ones I know have collected vouchers and money-off coupons all their lives. If I do my homework I will need to find mega bargain deals in my target area.

On it ….after my hols.

Oh and they weren’t media types. They were media themselves.

The Shakespeare Exhibition

The British Museum , London has an exhibition on presently all about Shakespeare’s time and the culture which impacted on his writing. It is ace. It is sumptuous, magnetic and beautiful. It stumbles in a nod to modern multi-culturalism placing William in a diverse community. Its audio tracks are full of plums, enough to make you turn off and use your eyes a bit more in the dark, atmospheric round space. There’s gold and tapestries and pleats and Morocco. There’s a load of historical facts to take in and if you’ve learnt Shakespeare at any stage you’ll not find much new in the way of facts. Almost gets boring in the historical overload but remember it’s a visual feast.

I took the bus up and found myself as dusk descended listening to a mentally unbalanced woman on the top deck screeching and a driver not bothered because he’d just had confirmation that he wouldn’t have to do overtime. Frought ride. The Claremont Project in Islington had secured the free British Museum tickets as they are entitled to what with being a community group. At 7.15pm there was entertainment in the foyer  with a singing group almost Kum Bayahing. Good. The lyrics pertained to Shakespeare, Dalston and the Globe Theatre and peace, love and the soul. I’ll revisit the wordsheet: Remember  “Hackney Streets “by Rosen at the Round Chapel with BSix students. How I loved that! All done in The Round Chapel in Lower Clapton, Hackney.

Thank you BM and Cloaremont.

Under The Cranes

   Joined Hackney Society this evening to watch the film by Emma-Louise Williams, Hackney woman, all about Hackney as it is now and how it lives through its history and vice versa. Wonderful filming, clear and mesmerising at times. Michael Rosen came in to answer questions too. He reads and shares his poetry throughout the film so we have a film-poem. Loads of archive film, and stills from Getty. Beautiful music.

The event was at Hackney Museum and a warm welcome we had. Hackney is outrageously multi cultural yet our gathering never reflected that at all.

 These past 2 years, I’ve seen many films and photographic displays about Hackney and especially Ridley Road market, and been on many oral history workshops and ‘let’s film Hackney’ courses.. “Under The Cranes  is 56 minutes long and I felt I’d been in the locations too many times. Hackney is overdone at present but more is to come as the thirty-somethings bring out their projects to coincide with the plonking of the Olympic and Paralympic Games site. Have you noticed all the stuff exposing and celebrating Hackney? “Folly for a Flyover”, walks galore , secret cinemas, roof-top cinemas, photographic competitions, and on and on. Love it but saturation point a-coming and the risk of being at someone else’s party.

Course coming up…

A Taste of Hackney is an innovative intergenerational project that charts the
different contributions made by ethnic minorities to the culinary landscape of
Participants will be trained in oral history, research skills, photography,
web-design, blogging and app design and filmmaking to provide material to create
the website, smartphone app (iPhone and Android), and exhibition.
The project will explore the Ridley Road market’s history from its humble
origins in the mid 19th Century to its evolution as a hub of migration
throughout the 20th Century.
(“ethnic minorities”?  In ‘Ackney? Can’t get my head around that and the fact that funders still want that kind of category in 2011.)

Now to catch up on the Hacking Scandal.

Up Your Street5 issue 27 and some Sky TV programmes.

Tues  July 19th.  free    2-4pm Bruce Castle Museum
                                “Reminiscence Café” led talk and participation
                            free  5.45pm but book with Hackney Society .
                               at the Hackney Museum. Film “Under The Cranes”
                                                              Michael Rosen attending too .
                        free  7.30pm Hackney Harmony  Summer Concert
                                    at Hackney City Farm (donations to Oxfam)
Wed  July 20th free  1.10-2pm Organ recital St John’s Church
                                                                        Stratford E15
                          free 7.45pm St John’s Church E11 Tony Regan
                                     dj and musician talks about HMV records.
Thurs July 21st £2     7pm for 7.15 Haringey Independent Cinema
                                     West Green Learning Centre, Tottenham
                                        Ken Loach’s“ Land and Freedom“
Sat      July 23rd free  1pm and all day at Stratford Circus
                         “Eastside Matsuri (Japanese Festival) sushi, flower,
                           and drumming workshops, and more.
Sun    July 24th free   (£5 donation) 11-6pm  gargoyle making (stone craft) at
                 Dalston Eastern Curve Garden but book via

                  Wear sturdy shoes.

Iceland is doing a good deal on Anchor Butter presently.
    No Ballroom dancing with Malcolm until July 25th.
       Songololo-feet textiles/recycling on Summer break.
Precious Lives jewellery and bead-making classes ended but I will give details soon of classes at The Centre For Better Health, Darnley Rd Hackney.

Programmes worth a look on Sky TV this coming week July 14th onwards 


Thomas Dolby on Vintage TV

“The Fugitive Kind” with Marlon Brando 1960  Tennessee Williams drama TCM

“Moby Dick”   2010 on Movies 24

Etta James  on Sky Arts2

Louisville Chorus on EWTN

The Triangle Factory True Movies 1

Imaginary Man  Ray Davies BBC 4

“Heaven and Hell”  True Movies 2

Gore Vidal’s Billy The Kid True Movies 2

Up Your Street5   an information-sharing service for seniors listing free events and activities in the 5 London 2012 boroughs.