“Glimpses” in Bethnal Green, true east end London

What a great evening! I’d never been to Derbyshire Street, E2 before although I had passed it many times coming away from Rich Mix in Bethnal Green Road. And Weavers’ Fields was just a googly mystery and full of east end history which was crowding my head anyway. So much to learn. I actually saw the green today.

So I was walking down Bethnal Green Road and soaking in the  sights and photo opportunities during the busy rush hour wondering how accurate my directions to myself were. By The Shakespeare pub I felt eyes on me and was amazed to see Up Your Street subscribers, my friends, waiting for my penny to drop and to greet me . Fabulous. We all walked as a troupe to Oxford House in Derbyshire Street.

Ah but fun on the way to the photo exhibition:We all became Fregans. A greengrocer stall was nearing the end of the day and the costermonger (get my vocab) was laying bruised veg. on the ground in boxes. We swooped and gathered our dinners. No shame, no harm, just good ole Londoners helping each other.

Well Up your Street subscribers and other seniors had been on a walking and photography course with Graham of Walkeast and Natalie of The PhotoSchool and were all stars.

What an exhibition! What clean, interesting, lively, human photos all about Bethnal Green. They all did well. The evening was fun, friendly and full of photography with “graduates” and professionals clicking away. Wonderful time. Wine flowed. Generosity was obvious. Packed preview evening.

The graduates walked away with a super book each detailing their interest and  progress in digital street photography next to gorgeous pictures.

Graham and Natalie, you did well for seniors and we thank you.