Issue 36 Up Your Street

Sun 26th Oct free   11.30-1pm Community Breakfast at The Mill, Coppermill Lane E17. Bring a couple of croissants or fruit or something from your larder/allotment!

                           free 2.30pm  Walking freely with David Boote

“This is a reminder about our circular walk this Sunday 26 October at 2.30pm (remember the clocks will have changed), through three cemeteries to the east of Leytonstone, starting at Wanstead Park Station (meeting under the bridge) on the London Overground line from Gospel Oak to Barking (also bus routes 58 and 308 and close to Forest Gate Station).  You can miss out on one cemetery and join the walk at Woodgrange Park Station, also on the London Overground line around 3.15pm (phone 077 69 665 447 on the day).  There are places to leave the walk before the end using public transport.  There are a number of places for refreshment, before or after the walk, between Wanstead Park and Forest Gate stations, including convenience shops. ”


 Wed   29th Oct free 10-1pm  Up Your Street participants at “Ships In the Night” an archival research training project meet at Newham Archives in Stratford Library E15

Thurs 30th Oct free 10-1pm Same participants off to Silverton for research

Fri     31st    Oct  free 6.30-9pm Diwali celebration and fireworks at Assembly Hall Waltham Forest. Tickets at libraries and council community hubs.

Sat 1st Nov       free 11-4pm  African Wedding showcase event for all at Old Town Hall E15. Book at Eventbrite.

Sun 2nd Nov free 10.30 -12.00pm  Meet at The Mill. Coppermill Lane E17  for a guided walk on the Marshes with Lee Valley ranger Gavin Johnson.


Newham leads the world

Today I went to the Inspiring People presentation for “Let’s Get The Party Started ” with 2012Newham.

Newham do it well everytime. The presentation was professional, well-planned, managed and executed. All the staff were welcoming and I felt comfortable in someone else’s home, in this case the gorgeous Old Town Hall Stratford E15. (You want to see the building? Go to the tea dance on Monday October 17th 2011at 1.30pm. £2…used to be free but biscuits went up in price, didn’t they?)

Community volunteers of every race, colour and creed all under the St George’s flag shared their plans and experiences to make Newham outstanding in 2012. Miss Hassan,  the Newham talent show 2011  winner, sang for us. Wow! X Factor singers pale into insignificance, She is amazing, A deep resonant clear-dictioned pitch- perfect voice. Bravo to her and her parents.

Then I found Stratford Centre Post Office open until 4pm on a Saturday. Crikey! And then I ventured up the escalator into Westfield E20. It was still early enough for all the crowds not to have arrived so I had a wonderful time.  Next time I’ll take my sarnis to sit in the indoor sitting areas. I love the open air bits and then the Getty Images gallery. Ace Ace Ace. I didn’t even have to open my purse. It is consumer paradise but also a testament to how clever marketing has become. Love it. Christmas will be crazy. Stratfordapp  (E15blog)got it right when she said it’s Westfield that’s gonna bring in the crowds to Strattie not the Olympics and Paralympics Games Park.

Good game! Good game!

I an get to Stratford,no bother. I found out today and it’s official that Leyton is going to come under Newham.  Blimey! Hackney, you missed the chance!