The flights of steps up to the gallery area for “Unearthed”, the art exhibition about the brownfield site as Carpenters Rd when it was E15 weren’t difficult or steep at all. It was bucketing down outside and rain was pouring in through the downstairs lobby ceiling. Once again, there is no disabled access. How many more delapidated warehouses and spaces do I have to endure just to see local art which is always advertised with glossy flyers enough to think you’re at least entering something akin to the Hackney Museum? And all to engage me with the coming Games. On and on. How many “Untitled” works can be in one exhibition. There was a smashed window….now that was wonderful. like crystals in a spider web. There were quite a few busted windows and the other ones were plain dirty.

So that was nothing compared to the happening place that is Hackney Wick. Clean it up. It is dirty, ragged, cut off, undesirable and not happening in my book. That Napier’s Arms. OMG ! Men urinate and vomit  openly outside the pink or whatever colour that is splashed onto the Jungle-beats bashing dump. Looks like even the council street-cleaning operatives never visit. Glass is all over the place on the pavements in White Post Lane and litter rests its weary grunge  body  everywhere. How could you really push through that before being drawn into the magic of story-telling at the Yard Theatre? Could you really recommend an outing to there? No so I don’t. It is a disgraceful environment.

Up in private  Palace Place the travellers watch their Plasmas behind high brick walls, a white enclave within a white enclave. Up on The Greenway at The View Tube there’s a photographic multi-cultural journey exhibition.. Hooray! It’s called “Leaving Limbo Landing” and like “Unearthed” is free.

Sean, our guide on the 0930h Olympic Park tour was ace. Never seen such an empty coach. Well it was Sunday 0930h. And yet at time of booking we were told it was a full up trip.  Lies I tell you: Used to lies about The Games a-coming.