RAGWORKS comes to town

In the spacious gallery that is Stratford east Picturehouse amidst the smell of pop corn  and within the echoes of staff chatting by the hot dog machine downstairs, you will be amazed to find RAGWORKS. Under sympathetic lighting,  wall-hangings depicting Grimm and Anderson fairy tale characters,  West African humanised animals and other flights of an artist’s fancy are  displayed on recycled bamboo hangers.

These art works have been lovingly hand-made and crafted from abandoned refreshed textiles begged from local manufacturers.

Come and see The Palm Oil Daughter, how pretty she is as she melts by the river or Red Riding Hood covered in blood.

Gillian, the artist, (that’s me) studied art at Hornsey Art College and  West African literature in Leicester way back in the seventies before the word ‘multi-cultural’ met Carol Vordermann’s vowel-tray and has exhibited batiks both in east London and Orkney. Over the past two years whilst forging ahead with Up Your Street Gillian has attended many art and craft workshops in the 6 London 2012 boroughs., notably ceramics at The Centre For Better Health in Hackney.  Thirsty to revisit techniques from university days she has joined and completed felt-making classes, patchwork curtain ones, screen -printing workshops, courtesy of Songololo-Feet, and a host of other courses which appeared as freebies to engage seniors with the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012. All to the good. Can’t stop learning.

Music programmes on Sky

Nothin’ wrong with telly. Those that slag it off have, what, 5 channels max?

Pancakes made, leaves partially swept, laptop on lap…..

Yesterday I watched the making of “Dylanesque” by Bryan Ferry. The one thing about Bob Dylan is that he could sound out every sound of his poetical lyrics with a spear sharp unique voice.  Bryan mumbles like he’s whispering in his lover’s ear. The band behind Ferry is top class and tight. The camera work was excellent so I was watching the making of a documentary rather than a singer at work.

Sky is rollin’ ’em out…..Ray Davies, Eric Clapton,  Bryan Ferry, and many more….Sarah Vaughan,  Billie , and then some; Georgie Fame’s on Sky’s Vintage tv this week too.

Currently on Sky Arts 1 is the soundtrack to “O Brother, Where Art thou?” So much of the magic is in the editing and the sound technicians’ skills. Highly recommended.


Later is “Gotterdammerung”, Wagner’s masterpiece full of acrobats and gorgeousness. Always something to look forward to.

Very excited about tomorrow on Streetlifefm community radio as Doreen Simon will be interviewed. Ordered a cd by Maxine Daniels to play on the show. See what the postperson brings today!

Off to bid ferociously on Ebay to get that 99p CD “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

In Westray, Orkney they still use “thee” and “thou” and the German (?) “du”. Love it.

Watched Channel 4’s “The Family” last night. How uplifting was that? A Nigerian family in London let the cameras in and what a warmth there is in that mentally well-ordered house where everyone knows their place amidst strewn possessions and over-crowded rooms. There’s a free showing at “Rich Mix” in Bethnal Green on Monday showing an episode of “The Family” where you get to meet the director and have a natter. You have to book. Do it by phone or pay a £1 on internet !

At Hackney Museum, there’s a free film too and you get to meet the director! Book and enjoy. Check in my events page for “Up Your Street” listings.