Up Your Street. Issue 2

Up Your Street.   Issue 2

Sun 10th Jan   free   Did you forget to book with me for the Miro reconstructed studio exhibition by Green Park on 11th Feb?
Mon 11th Jan    £2.50 *10-12 noon Centre for Better Health 1a Darnley Road, Hackney.
                         10 weeks of Beginner Ceramics. Brilliant. You need to book and *pay £25 in advance.
Wed 13th Jan    £4  12-3pm POSH Club at St Paul’s Hackney West. Stoke Newington. Cabaret and  tea well worth more than less than a fiver.
Thurs 14th Jan  free 10.30-12.30pm. Mary Katherine online at East London Radio. All about lifting yourself up to good living.
                         free 3.30-5pm Dance with Posh Club crew. Join in some free dance movements to keep agile fit and hot. No need to book. I presume there are refreshments. Take your water anyway.
Ongoing      free Hackney Museum. African threads exhibition. Superb and packed.
                    free for a month. Hackney Central Library. Seaside paintings. Loads of canvases packed into three display cabinets showcasing work from a Hoxton enterprise.
                   free V&A Museum of Childhood. Child Migrants exhibition until June I believe.  Powerful and painful.   Children emigrating form UK to Canada 1890-1970      Afterwards pop into The Gallery (Vegan) Café at St Margaret’s in Old Ford Road. Hot chocolate £2.60. Treat yourself. It gets busy from 12.30pm. Wi-Fi accessible for you and your tablet.
********************************************************************************all for now.
I am reading Harper Lee’s second novel for coffee and cake club with Lydia next week at Hackney Central Library. Come and help me eat the croissants and chat about Lee. Copy free via library after a wait and an order….. or £2.59 to your tablet or other device from Kindle. Tempting